Monika Morawiecka, the cousin of Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, leaves the PGE Baltica group

Information about the departure of Monika Morawiecka from the PGE Baltica group was published by Earlier, she was informed about it by the interested party on the LinkedIn platform.

“After 15 years in the PGE group, the time has come (as some may say) for me to go further. I decided to leave PGE Baltica at the end of the year” – Monika Morawiecka informed in social media.

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Monika Morawiecka leaves PGE Baltica. Who is the prime minister’s cousin?

Monika Morawiecka has been associated with PGE since 2006. In February 2019, she became the president of PGE Baltica, a company from the PGE capital group that coordinates the construction of the first offshore wind farms in the Baltic Sea. From 2010, as the director of the Strategy Department, she was responsible for the strategy of the entire capital group, she was responsible for analyzes of PGE’s external and internal environment and proposing long-term development plans for the group, both in the field of conventional energy and renewable energy.

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In 2013-2018, she was also a member of the Management Board of the Polish Electricity Association – a leading organization in the energy sector in Poland. Previously, she worked, among others in consulting companies, implementing various projects in the electricity, gas and heating sectors.

Monika Morawiecka is a graduate of the Warsaw School of Economics in the field of Finance and Banking, as well as the holder of the international Master of International Management diploma, awarded by the European association of economic schools CEMS.

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