This device is brilliant. Is called PRY-CAM HOME and serves both to certify and monitor the electrical system. And it also monitors consumption by telling you when you will spend on your bill. The operation of the entire solution is managed through two apps, PRY-CAM HOME PRO, for electrical professionals, and PRY-CAM HOME, for home users, both available for iOS and Android.

Let’s start with assembly, you will have to have two free modules of space in your electrical panel and he is nothing more than a box (it’s called Master’s degree) that will occupy them and that will be connected to the system, including grounding. Then the electrician will simply test the system by connecting the “Plug”, a device that also communicates via LoRa as well as WiFi with the Master to have a greater range but which you will not have to worry about, this must be the electrician. By doing so, the system will be tested and can also be certified thanks to the data collected by carrying out the voltage drop tests and those on: earth loop resistance, differential and magnetothermic switch.

As users, what we will find is a app for smartphone which first shows us the instant consumption and the percentage of absorption compared to the maximum capacity of our meter with great accuracy because the meter samples at 4kHz and the accuracy is 0.1 milliampere (mA). In addition to being monitored instantly, consumption is obviously also saved to create a history and graphs with the trend over days, weeks or months. The application will then indicate the quality of the system, its state of health, and will warn us if possible safety problems arise, indicating the residual current and even the smallest leakages in the house.

In the case of voltage drops the Master, who also has a Integrated eSIM, there it will warn with a first notification and a possible second after about 5 minutes if the power has not actually returned. The same thing goes for when we get too close to the maximum limit of our counter and we will be notified before it comes off.

In short, a small device useful for monitoring consumption, the costs of our bill and the state of health of our system, allowing us to find even the slightest leaks. How much? The kit with Master and Plug is sold to 300 euros, but this is for electricians and the plug obviously remains for subsequent installations as well, PryCam Home for users it costs 199 euros and it seems to me a device really Interesting, I will keep it and update you on how it will go in the long term!

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