Moonfall, the disaster movie with Halle Berry arrives on Sky Cinema and NOW

Arrives on Sky Cinema on 11 July at 21.15 in the first TV, and NOW, the latest effort by Roland Emmerich already director of films such as Independence Day, 2012, and The Day After Tomorrow. The protagonist of the film is Halle Berry at the head of a mission to save the Earth. Also available on demand


Moonfall, what to know about the movie coming to Sky Cinema

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Moonfall, a spectacular sci-fi themed disaster movie directed by genre specialist Roland Emmerich (Independence Day, 2012, The Day After Tomorrow). broadcast on Monday 11 July at 21.15 on Sky Cinema Uno and Sky Cinema 4K and at 21.45 on Sky Cinema Action. The film will also be streamed on NOW and available on demand, also in 4K quality.



Moonfall, new trailer for Roland Emmerich’s film

The protagonist of the film is Halle Berry, together with Patrick Wilson and Donald Sutherland, grappling with a desperate space mission to the Moon. With them in the cast John Bradley, Michael Peña, Charlie Plummer, Kelly Yu, Carolina Bartczak, Eme Ikwuakor, Maxim Roy, Zayn Maloney, Stephen Bogaert, Azriel Dalman, Ava Weiss and Hazel Nugent.

The plot


Moonfall, the character posters of the film have been published

The Moon, pushed by a mysterious force, is thrown out of its orbit to head on a collision course with the Earth. With just weeks to go before a fatal impact that will annihilate the world, former astronaut and NASA executive Jocinda ‘Jo’ Fowler (Academy Award®-winning actress Halle Berry) has an idea to save the planet. However, no one believes her, apart from Brian Harper (Patrick Wilson), a man from her past, and a nice conspiracy theorist named KC Houseman (John Bradley). The three unlikely heroes will embark on a desperate space mission leaving behind, perhaps forever, their dearest loved ones, to try to discover the incredible secret concerning the only “natural” satellite of the Earth.

MOONFALL – premiere on Monday 11 July at 21.15 on Sky Cinema Uno and Sky Cinema 4K, streaming on NOW and available on demand, also in 4K quality.

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