Moon’s secret about Kobe: “He sabotaged his team…”

Kobe Bryant only thought about one thing on the field: winning. In any case, that’s what all fans who know his mamba mentality think… but apparently, he wasn’t always like that. Evidence of this is that during his youth years, he apparently willingly sabotaged his team’s matches with a goal Purely selfish behind.

Kobe Bryant Still fresh in the minds of all basketball fans. More than three years after his tragic disappearance, Mamba remains a very important figure in the NBA microcosm, as he is still the last representative of a very special species. While current stars often think about their image and what they send out, he only thought about winning.

As Michael Jordan In his time, the Lakers’ No. 8/24 was willing to do anything to impose himself and reach the heights, including attacking his teammates. That’s why their partner is also with them Shaquille O’neal Prematurely separated… But he didn’t mind facing adversity, quite the contrary.

Kobe gives his opponents an advantage…to beat them better!

According to Phil Jackson, proof of this is that the back sometimes voluntarily puts a spoke in the wheels to move forward, shine and eventually attract all the light to itself. As the Zen Master Explained ESPNHis former genius had a tendency to sabotage his own team so he could be a hero at the last second… Something was wrong with him:

Sometimes Kobe would say to me, “Basketball is too easy for me. Our attack is very simple, I can’t reveal all my talents. “I understood his position, but I explained to him that we were there to win the match while limiting potential errors. We wanted the least number of injuries and the least number of tired players if possible. He answered me: “It doesn’t give me what I need to develop my game”.

Someone explained to me that in high school, Kobe intentionally hurt his team and his game. He did this so that the meetings would be close and he could dominate his opponents in heated moments. To put your team in harm’s way, being so selfish, is almost surprising.

In the heyday of the Lakers, basketball was too easy for Kobe Bryant and he was bored on the court. He was disappointed at not being able to show what he was capable of with the ball in his hand. A feeling still harbors inside him, except that in high school, he may have sabotaged his team to allow his opponents to stay in touch before dealing a coup. On the other hand, it is difficult to show this kind of audacity in the NBA.

Kobe Bryant was so strong that he challenged himself in high school. He kept his opponents alive and gave his 100% to crush them in the last minute. A horrifying and fascinating sadism.

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