Morawicki met with the Prime Minister of Croatia. Talks on the security of Europe

Prime Minister Morawiecki said in an entry in social media that during yesterday’s meeting in Zagreb, he spoke with the Prime Minister of Croatia Andrej Plenković primarily about security issues.

“In this part of the Balkans, everyone knows best from their own experience what the migration crisis means. What we are dealing with in Belarus and on the Polish-Belarusian border is primarily the use of migrants to cause deep destabilization in this part of Europe” – Prime Minister wrote on Facebook.


The destabilization of Europe

In his entry, Morawiecki emphasizes that in order to understand the meaning of what is happening today, several elements must be combined:

“1. Attempts to destabilize Europe and the European Union is the issue of an artificially induced migration crisis

2. Activities concentrating Russian troops around Ukraine, the Kaliningrad Oblast and other places.

3. Energy crisis caused by very high ETS and gas prices via Gazprom and Russia.

4. Actions of disinformation, spreading various kinds of fake news and propaganda, which works intensively in several sections – so as to divide the EU countries with each other. ”

The Prime Minister adds that in order to strengthen the EU, Poland cooperates with Croatia in the construction of the Three Seas Initiative. In his opinion, cooperation in the field of road and energy infrastructure creates new prospects for the countries of the region. “In order to take full advantage of this initiative, we support the efforts of Croatia, Romania and Bulgaria to join the Schengen area,” stresses the head of the Polish government.

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