Morawiecki at the V4 meeting: We cannot turn a blind eye to aggression

“Poland’s coordinated diplomatic offensive is already bringing positive results; the inflow of new migrants to Belarus is smaller, said Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki on Tuesday in Budapest.

Morawiecki is in Budapest on Tuesday in connection with the meeting of the heads of governments of the Visegrad Group countries (V4) – Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. At the joint conference of the V4 prime ministers, the head of the Polish government assessed that “the level of solidarity, a positive response to our fears and reflections” that he encountered here was “edifying and unprecedented”. The Visegrad Group shows that we cannot turn a blind eye to aggression – he said.

The coordinated diplomatic offensive on our side is already bringing positive results he declared. He emphasized that talks with the prime minister of Iraq, with the prime minister of the autonomous region in Kurdistan and with counterparts in Turkey and the Middle East, as well as reliable and objective cooperation with countries such as Uzbekistan, mean that today the inflow of new migrants to Belarus is much lower than at the peak of the intensity. influx of migrants – that is, about a month or two or three weeks ago.

And this is important, it is the first step to defuse the crisis caused by Belarus – he pointed out.

He pointed out that this is a political crisis in which people are used by smugglers, mafias, in cooperation with Alyaksandr Lukashenka’s regime, in order to be an element of pressure on the EU and constitute an element of the Union’s disintegration and an element of chaos which, according to Lukashenka, will best serve its goals.

It is very important for the European Union to help Poland, which is now under really great pressure; we support all sanctions that will be imposed on Belarus – Slovak Prime Minister Eduard Heger said after the meeting.

The European Union is also our space, therefore the defense of integrity and territorial unity is very important to us. We express our solidarity and offer all kinds of help – said the Prime Minister of Slovakia on Tuesday in Budapest.

Heger added that Slovakia has offered “soldiers and policemen who will help, in Latvia or Lithuania.“. We are observing and we unequivocally state that the behavior of the Belarusian regime is unacceptable. We support all sanctions, sanctions must be imposed as soon as possible on those airlines that engage in people smuggling – said the Prime Minister of Slovakia.

He informed that the topic of Tuesday’s talks was also the situation in Ukraine, with which the Slovak side is in constant contact. He also announced that the issue of joint defense of the border would also be discussed at the meeting of the Visegrad Group countries on November 29 and 30.

At a joint conference with the prime ministers of Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, Viktor Orban said that the head of the Polish government, Mateusz Morawiecki, informed the V4 “first-hand” about the situation on the border with Belarus.

Orban added that the EU has never been under such migratory pressure as it is today. Migration has always been from some direction, but it has never been from three sides at once, which is a great challenge for the entire EU – underlined the Hungarian Prime Minister.

He pointed out that migrants come to Europe from the South via the Mediterranean Sea, via the Western Balkan route and now from the East via Belarus. Orban said 100,000 were detained at Hungarian borders. illegal immigrants. He added that 30-35 thousand people leave Afghanistan every day. people. The EU must take into account that there will be even greater pressure on the Balkan route – stressed the Hungarian Prime Minister.

Brussels is pursuing an erroneous policy, it finances everything, which adds to the migratory pressure. Everything that the international language of migration calls the pull factor is just being activated. The EU supports this, supports NGOs, announces integration processes – Orban emphasized.

At the same time – as he said – the EU does not allocate funds for physical border defense. The Hungarian position is still that the EU has to pay for the EU’s defense costs at the border. It is unacceptable that only these costs are to be borne by those countries which, through history and geography, are simply on the border of the EU Orban said.

As he noted, Hungarians defend their country, but also the entire EU, and it would be appropriate if at least Hungary and the EU shared both the costs of border defense.

At the conference after the meeting of the prime ministers of the Visegrad Group countries, the head of the Czech government, Andrej Babisz, said that there are more and more problems that Europe is currently struggling with, and one of them is migration. He emphasized that it was very important for the European Union to finally solve the problem of the “smuggling mafia”.

The Czech Republic fully supports Poland – declared Babish. He also recalled that the President of the Czech Republic, Milosz Zeman, recently wrote a letter to President Andrzej Duda, in which he proposed to send Czech soldiers to the Polish-Belarusian border. He assured that if Poland asked for such aid, the Czech Republic would be able to provide it immediately.

What is happening on the Polish-Belarusian border is absolutely unacceptable Babish said. He argued that you cannot succumb to pressure. What the Lukashenka regime is doing is beyond all bounds Babish said. He also declared that his country supports any sanctions against the Belarusian regime. They must be implemented quickly and efficiently – the Czech Prime Minister noted.

The EP refused to speak to Prime Minister Morawiecki during the debate on Belarus

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