Morawiecki “got on” on Nord Stream 2

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Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, during a meeting with his Croatian counterpart Andrej Plenkovic, spoke about the increased dependence of the European Union on Russia in the event of the launch of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, Euractiv reports.

Morawiecki believes that Moscow is allegedly using gas as a “political bargaining chip”.

Through the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, Russia is putting pressure on Poland and the entire European Union. Part of the EU is already heavily dependent on Russian energy, and if the gas pipeline starts operating, we can say that we will be even more dependent – said Morawiecki, quoted by the Euractiv portal.

Earlier, Prime Minister Morawiecki accused Gazprom of “price manipulations on the gas market”. In response, the Kremlin stressed that Western politicians had miscalculated by switching to alternative energy sources.

In turn, President Vladimir Putin said that the thesis that Russia uses energy as a weapon is absurd. Moscow has repeatedly emphasized that Gazprom is meeting all its obligations towards European partners and is ready to sell more gas.

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