Morawiecki: In the anti-inflation package – reduction of excise duty on energy carriers

– The anti-infiltration shield is practically ready and we will want to implement it or a significant part of it before Christmas. It will include such elements as lowering the excise tax on energy carriers. We will tell you about the details in due course. Actually, we are ready with this project to present it, said Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki.

– I said about energy carriers not by accident, they are responsible, above all, for these rapid price increases – he added.

The so-called The government was supposed to present an anti-inflationary shield last week. According to the announcement, it is to be used by low and middle income households, and according to “DGP” the protection and regulation package is to cover six areas, incl. electricity, gas and fuel prices.

One of the main solutions will be the so-called energy voucher. “DGP” wrote recently that it will apply not only to electricity, but also heat (the so-called heat voucher). – The system of subsidies will not, however, be a pillar of the forthcoming act. Most of the solutions are to be of a regulatory nature, albeit to a limited extent, so as not to be exposed to accusations by the European Commission of excessive state interference in the market – emphasized the daily.


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