Morawiecki: The anti-inflation shield will include a reduction in the excise tax on energy carriers

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2021-11-22 14:06

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Morawiecki: The anti-inflation shield will include a reduction in the excise tax on energy carriers
Morawiecki: The anti-inflation shield will include a reduction in the excise tax on energy carriers
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The government anti-inflationary package is practically ready, it will envisage, inter alia, reduction in excise duty on energy carriers – Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki announced on Monday. However, he did not provide any details.

As Morawiecki informed on Monday at a press conference in Gdańsk, the government will want to implement part of this package before Christmas.

“It will include such elements as lowering the excise tax on energy carriers,” said the prime minister, adding that “we will talk about the details in due course”.

According to Morawiecki, energy carriers are responsible for the rapid price increases, and the proof of this is the fact that in “the vast majority of European countries” inflation is historically high in 20 or 30 years.

“Gazprom, Russia, Nord Stream 2 and those in the European People’s Party who not only did not block Nord Stream 2, but also supported the construction of this gas pipeline, are responsible for the high energy prices,” Morawiecki said. As he added, today this gas pipeline is an element of blackmail in the hands of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Prime Minister on the situation of the Polish zloty

“We will do everything in communication and in our real actions to make the zloty a bit stronger,” said the head of government. He added that the weak zloty is favorable for exporters.

“But for all those who have debts in foreign currencies, and in particular for the Polish budget, which is partially denominated in foreign currencies, this is not good,” the prime minister stated.

He noted that he hoped that the situation on the currency market would stabilize in the next few quarters.

On Monday, around 2 pm, the euro cost less than PLN 4.7 on the currency market, and the dollar – slightly more than PLN 4.16.

The fourth wave of the pandemic and the unvaccinated

The head of government was asked at a press conference about the government’s strategy for the fourth wave of the pandemic and why restrictions for unvaccinated people were not introduced.

The prime minister indicated that the fourth wave of the pandemic would be of a prolonged nature, but with a smaller number of deaths. He pointed out that there are fewer and fewer infections in the Podlaskie and Lubelskie voivodships. “There is hope that in two weeks the wave will also start to fall in other provinces,” he added.

Morawiecki emphasized that the efficiency of the health system has its limits, and unvaccinated people get sick much more severely and die from Covid-19 much more often.

“Vaccinations are a boon of science, they changed the history of mankind (…). If we want to take care – and we should – for our health and the health of our loved ones, let us bear in mind that a tragedy may happen to us if we are not vaccinated” – said Morawiecki.

“As for the development of a common model for unvaccinated people, we want to discuss this problem with the opposition parties soon, so as to be clear whether the proposed project will have a majority to implement it. verify whether the employee is vaccinated, stressed the Prime Minister.

Law and Justice deputies Czesław Hoc and Paweł Rychlik announced on Wednesday that a parliamentary bill would be sent to the Sejm that would allow employers to verify whether an employee is vaccinated against COVID-19. According to the draft regulations, if an employee is not vaccinated, the entrepreneur will be able to reorganize the work, e.g. transfer such an employee to a department where he will not be in contact with customers.

Health Minister Adam Niedzielski wrote on Twitter on Sunday that the Hoca project treats COVID-19 vaccination, coronavirus testing and convalescent status equally. “This means that unvaccinated people will be able to confirm their epidemic safety with a test,” wrote the head of the Ministry of Health.

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