«More Daspo for the tourists of violence» – Il Golfo 24

Beating and throwing of tables and chairs, all under the mayor’s eyes. It is yet another fight that takes place in the heart of the Ischia nightlife, a few meters from the port of the green island. We are at the bars of the Riva Destra, a place where young people and tourists gather to drink in company and admire the sea in the evening. Among the witnesses of the mega brawl also the Mayor of Ischia Ferrandino himself who was on site.

“It is necessary to increase the daspo for the subjects who are frequently protagonists of ignoble and violent events such as the one that took place during the Ischia nightlife. These people do not go out to have fun but to fight or vandalize commercial activities and common goods. We could call them “tourists of violence” because they move from place to place with the sole aim of creating a fight and devastating their surroundings. Unfortunately they move like herds both in winter and in summer to the most popular places, creating chaos and destruction wherever they go. These people must be hit hard because they have no respect for anything or anyone and put their own and others’ safety at risk ”declared the regional councilor of Europa Verde Francesco Emilio Borrelli and the island manager of the Sun that laughs Mariarosaria Urraro.

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