More texts with malicious links appeared

As reported by the Niebezpiecznik portal, for several days now there have been reports of SMS messages containing a message about a new message (eg MMS or voicemail) along with a link. Of course, clicking on a link may redirect you to the sites they are prompting you to downloading the application with malicious code.

Worse still, Niebezpiecznik mentions that SMSs are sent from numbers that belong to people already infected with this malware – the program probably sends messages to contacts in the address book. Just clicking on the link will not cause infection, but redirects you to a website with a malicious application – this probably steals address data and can also reach out to electronic banking. For this reason, first of all, you shouldn’t install anything based on SMS messages, and it’s best not to click on suspicious links.

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When it comes to security issues, the AV-TEST Institute has recently tested solutions to protect business users from ransomware attacks. In turn, CERT Polska recently warned that FluBot malware has returned, infecting Android devices and is already being used in new fraud campaigns.

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