more than 80 developers working on the game –

Currently there are more than eighty developers that are working actively a The Outer Worlds 2the highly anticipated sequel to Obsidian Entertainment’s sci-fi action role-playing game, which received so much acclaim at the time of publication.

To reveal it was the insider Klobrille, a great connoisseur of the Xbox environment, who pointed out how Obsidian is working on at least three other games at the same time: Grounded, Avowed and Pentiment.

Obsidian is a very prolific software house. It currently has more than 250 developers and several masterpieces launched since 2003, including the Pillars of Eternity. It is one of the most loved software houses by fans of classic role-playing games.

The number of developers of The Outer Worlds 2 makes us understand little in reality, also because we do not know at what stage of processing the game is. Be that as it may, it’s nice to see Obsidian so active. Only this year it will launch two games, both of which have already been mentioned: the final version of the excellent Grounded, a project that started a bit quietly but which has however found the acclaim of gamers and that the launch in early access has grown enormously, and Pentiment, role-playing game by Josh Sawyer that for this alone should be eagerly awaited by all fans of the genre and beyond.

Little or nothing is known about The Outer Worlds 2. Let’s imagine, given the predecessor, that it will keep the first person view and the setting.

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