More than 900,000 cases of coronavrus in the world, the International

The new coronavrus j has more than 900,000 affected in the world, and has caused at least 45.719 of deaths around the world since it first appeared in December, according to a balano of the AFP based on official sources, in this Wednesday’s 16: 00.

Since the beginning of the epidemic, more than 905.580 case contgio have been recorded in the 187 countries or territrios. The number of cases diagnosed as positive, however, reflects only a portion of the number of total infeces due to o the different polticas of the countries for the analysis of the cases, some of the only people who need to hospitalizao).

The authorities consider that, until now, at least, 176.500 people have been cured of the doena.

In the find Thursday, s 16: 00, there were 4.708, new kills, and 77.241 infeces all over the world.

Nas ltimas 24 hours, all of the countries that have registered the most fatalities were in the United States, with a 1.036 more deaths in Spain, with the 864, and History, with a 727.

The number of people killed in the History, which recorded its first death linked to the york, in February, 13.155 (and 110.574 infeces).

From will Wednesday, 727 deaths, and 4.782 of new infeces has been recorded.

The Italian authorities consider that the 16.847 people have been healed of their diseases. After the History, all the countries that are most affected by os, Spain, with a 9.053 death, and 102.136 countries, the United States, with a 4.476 death 203.608 cases); France, with a 4.032 death 56.989 cases), and in the mainland of China with a 3.312 death 81.554 of the cases).

In the mainland of China (not including Hong Kong and Macau), where the epidemic first erupted in mid-December, with a total of 81.554 people are infected with hiv, of which 3.312 have been killed and 76.238 have been completely cured. Nas ltimas 24 hours, and 36 new cases and seven deaths have been recorded.

In a quantity of cases, the United States, so that the pas is the most affected, with a 203.608 contaminaes officially recognized, including 4.476 dead, and 7.138 client.

From will-on Wednesday, Republic of the Congo, With, Slovakia, Botswana, Senegal, and El Salvador, have announced their first deaths from the new coronavrus.

On Wednesday evening, and from the very beginning of the epidemic in Europe has added 33.245 death 490.484 contgios), the United States and Canada, 4.587 (213.134), the cis 3.942 (110.570), the middle East 3.160 (59.541), America Latina and the Caribbean, 538 (20.083), sierra leone 223 (6.198) and in Oceania 24 (5.579).

That balano was made by the AFP, using data from the national authorities and the Organization (the World Health organisation (WHO).

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