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The great news is that the Mexican market for heavy vehicles (tractors, buses, etc.) is improving in 2023 and growth is projected to increase by 17.6 percent to above 45,800 units by December. That would be a mighty increase. Only 3,847 heavy trucks were sold in April, a good figure that encouraged the National Association of Bus, Truck and Tractor Truck Producers (ANPACT) to raise its full annual forecast.

At least three key elements of this phenomenon must be considered. First, the economic strength of the country that is being registered already demands from the logistics industry the renewal and more efficient use of the fleet. Trucks are loaded with cargo and components. Second, that prospects are encouraging in a variety of industries that depend on logistics, such as electrical components or electronics. And, third, that there is an appetite for investment in the transportation sector, which shows that the industry itself is growing stronger.

AMDA President, Guillermo Rosales, yesterday spoke of “stabilization of supply chains”. This assumption is correct, but if we combine the ongoing events in Nuevo León with the near or upcoming arrival of Tesla, it is clear that having an increasingly strong fleet of cargo trucks will be essential.

ANPACT said yesterday that, in the first four months of the year alone, 13,041 heavy trucks have been sold, showing an increase of nearly 26 percent compared to 2021. In fact, the cumulative growth has already been seen as compared to 11 per cent. Results before the 2019 pandemic. It shows that the improvement is real and that the health barrier and that which lies behind it has been left behind.

Mexican stock

Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV), which presides Marcos Martinez and directs josé-oriole bosch, reported yesterday that loan issuance under ASG (Environmental, Social and Governance) criteria has already exceeded $200 billion pesos in that institution. This phenomenon cannot be stopped as a third of all debt issued on the stock market this year already includes these criteria. In fact, we talk about “exponential” growth. The stock exchange said a total of 70 thematic bonds have been listed, of which 29 are sustainable, 17 linked to sustainability, 16 green, seven social and one blue. The financial sector is the most active in this regard, followed by development banks and constant consumption banks.

free market

Ties up with online commerce company Creditus to provide credit between 50 and 500 thousand pesos to purchase cars online, with 60 monthly payments and a 20 percent vehicle down payment requirement.

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