Mortal Shell from PS Plus without PS5 version? Gamers accuse Sony of “disrespect” and “greed”

Godfall without a story campaign and Mortal Shell without the possibility of upgrading the game to the PS5 version. December PS Plus does not look good primarily for owners of the new Sony console.

Yesterday after 5 p.m. December PS Plus was revealed. Looking only at the graphics promoting the three games alone – the offer seemed to be remarkable. After all, we got Godfall, LEGO DC Super-Villains Villains and Mortal Shell here.

The smile on the face of those paying the subscription disappeared when the Japanese corporation announced that Godfall is making its debut in the Challenger edition, which makes it impossible to play in the story campaign and allows you to participate only in online skirmishes. This is not the end, however.

The “icing on the cake” are reports that Mortal Shell from PS Plus was to debut in the service only in the PS4 version without the possibility of upgrading to new generation consoles. This is quite strange (but not unheard of, as in the past fans have already received Final Fantasy VII Remake only in the PS4 version) considering that the developers themselves, creating the Enhanced edition (with PS5 and XSX | S in mind), will allow owners of the copy PS4 / XONE games take advantage of the improvements.

Expensive Playstation,

Casting the incomplete Godfall and the PS4 version of Mortal Shell without the full Godfall game and the PS5 enhanced version of Mortal Shell really shows disrespect and greed for PS5 owners.

There are many comments on the web from players who do not understand why Sony made such and no other decisions – some accuse the corporation of even greed, probably hoping that the company will “update” PS Plus under pressure of criticism. We would like to remind you that Sony has already changed its decision once (the matter of the free Horizon Forbidden West upgrade) thanks to the fan action.

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