Mortgages, Antitrust investigation on Intesa Sanpaolo: “Does not give clear information on the length of the pre-amortization period”

The Antitrust initiated an investigation into Intesa Sanpaolo for alleged unfair commercial practice. According to the Authority, “the banking group, in the marketing phases of real estate loanswould not provide clear information on how the duration of the period is calculated pre-depreciation technical, or the time that elapses between the disbursement of the loan and the first month of the repayment plan, which it constitutes a cost elementsometimes even huge “.

“In particular”, writes the Antitrust Authority regarding fixed and variable rate mortgages, “it would appear that Intesa Sanpaolo without giving adequate information to the consumer in the various pre-contractual documents and in the various phases, including advanced ones, which lead to when signing the mortgage offer – apply a technical pre-amortization period characterized by a time span of variable duration“.

“The credit institution – continues the note – does not seem to provide clear and adequate indications regarding the method of calculating the duration of this phase which, in essence, extends the period of repayment of the loan, thus increasing its cost. Moreover, in the case of badgers variablesto the burden related to the duration of the technical pre-amortization period, there would also be that linked to the rate applied which would be higher than that negotiated in the loan for repayment, without giving adequate information to the consumer on its value in all the pre-written documentation. contractual and also in the most advanced stages of negotiation “.

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