“Moscow outside the IMF and the World Bank”. What could happen

United States and European Union they are ready for a new economic thrust on Russia. It was understood immediately today listening to the words of the president of the EU commission, Ursula Von Der Leyenwhich spoke of a “fourth package of sanctions” to be applied against Moscow.

From overseas instead directly from White House announcements have come about a halt to exports of luxury goods to Russia And Belarus. But the moves could be even tougher. Washington is aiming to involve the whole G7 on his side to apply other measures against Moscow and Minsk.

Stop to luxury goods

The US government in the past few hours has banned the importation of some non-essential goods from Russia. In particular, they can no longer be purchased in the US vodka, caviar, diamonds and other assets of luxury produced within the Russian territory. These are products that fuel, and not a little, the export figure of Moscow.

The squeeze on luxury goods is also expected on the other side. In other words, goods of this type cannot be exported from the USA. “We will starve the Russian oligarchs,” President Joe Biden explained.

Europe should follow Washington closely. The new package of sanctions mentioned by Ursula Von Der Leyen should precisely include a stop to the import / export of luxury goods. One way to further suffocate the Russian economy and make President Putin’s position more vulnerable.

At least these are the intentions of both the US and the EU. With the new package of measures, Brussels has effectively severed trade ties with Moscow almost entirely. At the moment only the exchanges relating to the energy sector remain afloat, even if it is Europe’s intention to launch by May a plan capable of making the Old Continent independent from gas And Petroleum Russian by 2027.

However, some EU countries, during today’s Versailles council, had also advocated an immediate stop to imports of Russian oil. However, Germany has shown not a few hesitations and therefore no immediate sanctions have been launched on this front.

Moscow outside the IMF and the World Bank

But in addition to sanctions of a purely economic nature, Western moves should also concern political measures. In particular, the G7 could push for the suspension of Russia from the International Monetary Fund in the coming days (IMF) and from Mondial BankAnd.

In practical terms, this would imply a stop to possible loans and financing by these institutions. As well as the end of privileges and advantageous conditions on the international market, with the prospect of applying duties on the few Russian products that are still exportable. According to many economic analysts, Moscow would risk being isolated in the international economic context on a par with Cuba or North Korea.

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