Moscow plays the card of religion (and prepares for difficult times) –

The deputy secretary of the security council and the Chechen dictator Kadyrov try to use religion, implying the existence of “numerous sects”. A way to prepare public opinion for difficult times to come in Kherson

The Kremlin, at this stage, uses everything its arsenal of weapons and propaganda. Vladimir Putin insists on the nuclear front by attending the exercises, his ministers always intervene on the “dirty bomb” which – they say – the Ukrainians could use, and launch new themes. Surprising.

The notices

Aleksey Pavlov, deputy secretary of the security council, and the Chechen dictator Ramzan Kadyrov speak of “de-satanizing” Ukraine, they try to use religion with an alliance of Muslims and Christians united by the fight against the common enemy, imply the existence of “numerous sects”. A mixture to fuel the special operation, an addition to the initial version of the war “against the Kiev Nazis”. Verbal cues that are also reflected in the shots of commentators attested to extreme positions, with appeals to burn or drown children.

It is a way to prepare public opinion for difficult times. Particularly in the southern sector, around Kherson, the goal of the prolonged offensive. Zelensky’s generals expect the “heaviest” battle to liberate the city. The invaders, despite the announcements of the eviction of 70,000 civilians, they have strengthened their defenses, built positions, deployed soldiers. Transport routes and depots remain the constant target of Ukrainian artillery. There are also movements in the eastern Bakhmut region: Moscow units were in the lead, but have lost positions in recent days. It is the war, with the swinging trend.

New mercenaries?

The site Foreign Policy writes that the Russian security company Wagner would have contacted former members of Afghan elite units, an attempt to recruit them and send them to fight in Ukraine. It would be “ironic” given that they have been trained by the US and with a large waste of resources. We await confirmation from the ground. They had been at the beginning of the conflict news spread about the arrival of Syrian and African mercenaries in the ranks of Putin’s army, but they haven’t seen each other. The continuous reference to the company headed by Yevgeni Prigozhin is one consequence of some factors: its men have an effective role; the high exponent continues his personal campaign to take credit and prove that he is more effective than the generals; there is attention from the international media.


Moscow dismissed the allegations of espionage against a researcher arrested in Norway as “a mania”. For the investigators Josè Giammaria, 37 years old, he pretended to be Brazilian but in reality he is a Russian who infiltrated the University of Tromsoe for the purpose of obtaining information on the Arctic. The alleged “mole” followed a path with a triangulation. He lived in Canada, in the Calgary area, was on the staff of a political candidate in 2015then he graduated from the local university, prepared some reports on strategic issues (one called for the creation of Canadian bases in the Arctic area) and then obtained to be presented at the Norwegian research center where he arrived in 2021. Here, following prudent behavior, he immersed himself. He has created a wall around his private life, he has avoided using (and leaving traces) on social media, also explaining that he is against these systems, he has participated in meetings dedicated to conflicts and “hybrid” crises.

The owner of the apartment he had rented in the basement of a building described him with the classic label of the “quiet type, who does not cause problems”. And he didn’t even create them in the workplace, even if someone had been asking questions.

1) He was not salaried and lived on his own.

2) His accent – they explain – was “Strange” and he was certainly not Brazilian.

3) Confidential on his own businessvery curious about those of others.

In fact, a colleague of his had asked him if he was a spy, one joke that perhaps carried a suspect with him. And maybe the alarm went off right in the corridors of the university, unless there were also reports from outside thanks to the collaboration with Western intelligence. The spokesperson for the services specified that the detention is the result of international efforts, a phrase that implies a law enforcement activity together with the allies. For now it has been except that “Josè Giammaria” got his hands on secretshowever, unofficial sources yesterday evoked the threat to national security.

October 26, 2022 (change October 26, 2022 | 17:14)

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