Moscow policemen detained the participants of the pickets in defense of the Memorial

In Pushkin Square in the center of Moscow, the participants of the pickets stood with posters proclaiming, among others: “No – the liquidation of the Memorial”, “Freedom to political prisoners”. The policemen stopped them and took them to their cars.

Activities of the prosecutor’s office on the Memorial Association

In November, the Russian Prosecutor General’s Office demanded the liquidation of the Memorial Association – an NGO which has been researching the history of political repression in the USSR and defending human rights, which has been operating for about 30 years. Earlier, Memorial had already been recognized by the authorities as “a non-governmental organization acting as a foreign agent”. The lawsuit is to be examined on November 25.

“This act of political aggression touches us deeply. We know the groundbreaking contribution of Memorial to the work on memory, thanks to which Europe heals after the totalitarian experience of the 20th century”, write Polish intellectuals, diplomats and scientists in a joint appeal to defend the Russian organization. The Russian prosecutor’s office believes that the association as a “foreign agent” violates the constitution of the Russian Federation, and therefore applied to the Supreme Court for its liquidation.

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