Most popular 2022 fashion trends

We want to greet 2022 by remembering the most popular and widespread fashion trends both on the catwalk, on the red carpet and also on social media. Which ones will we remember?

Twelve months seem few, but on the fashion side they are perhaps too many to be able to affirm and exploit one trend. Yet over the course of 2022 in catwalkas well as on the red carpet, the high fashion houses were able to launch their own ideas. Some welcomed and followed more than others, have helped define the glam point of this year which has now come to an end. But what are the trends Of success of this 2022?

Credits: Chiara Ferragni/Instagram – VelvetMag

Many, but to be divided also on the basis of season period. There are important differences, in fact, between spring and Autumn, whereby the haute couture houses try to differentiate their proposals by dictating seasonal trends. For example, one of the most loved and which seems to refute this theory is the velvet, which has returned to establish itself on the red carpet thanks to the stars and has become a passion/obsession of 2022. Exploited in every way, but especially during the colder seasons, the total velvet charm is loved. Curious to discover the other trends that defined 2022?

Most popular fashion trends of 2022

This was the year of peek-a-boo style. Very popular on the catwalk and even more on the red carpet, playing with the see-through has become a fixed appointment for high fashion. Many stars who have tried to do you justice on the red carpet, wearing clothes in see-through style sensual and elegant as Dakota Johnson to the Met Gala or more times Florence Pugh. Her pink dress Valentine worn at the Roman show caused a social tsunami, attracting praise and criticism in equal measure.

fashion trends 2022
Credits: Florence Pugh/Alexandra Daddario/Instagram – VelvetMag

Another trend that has strengthened even more recently after the release of Wednesday on Netflix and destined to accompany fashion also in 2023 is the gothic lookalso dusted off on the red carpet by actresses such as Alexandra Daddariobut also on the catwalk for maisons such as Gucci, Valentine and Roberto Cavalli. Celebrities welcomed with strong passion the animalier in their wardrobe, even more so on the red carpet. Just as denim has also been proclaimed a must have on the red carpet, both for more chic dresses and for Jodie Turner-Smith that more sporty chic as for Katie Holmes.

fashion trends 2022
Credits: Kim Kardashian/Chiara Ferragni/Dua Lipa/Instagram – VelvetMag

Other trends, on the other hand, are also spreading thanks to the support of social networks, an increasingly widespread phenomenon also thanks to influencers. Just think of the influence of 2000san overbearing return this year on the catwalk also thanks to the charm of the low-waisted miniskirt dusted off by Prada and Miu Miu and beloved to star as Emma Corrin and Clare Ferragni.

On the palette side, 2022 was definitely the year of nuance Very Peri by Pantone as he demonstrated Lady Gaga for the premiere of House of Gucci. A nuance so dear to celebrities and also to the catwalks like that of Versace. Another nuance that marked 2022 is the rosesuch as the one promoted by Valentine and the softer one which strengthened the phenomenon of Barbiecore even in the fashion world. Autumn, on the other hand, dusted off the sandy and earthy colors, with a strong presence of brown in all its shades. Just as it has also relaunched the charm of metallic (also on the beauty side). All we have to do is ask ourselves: what will await us in 2023?

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