Moto Tab G70 is a blow to cheap tablets. There is no reason not to buy an iPad

The Motorola Moto Tab G70 was supposed to be a chance to refresh the image of cheap tablets, but it turned out to be a flop – it costs too much and has an outdated processor, which makes the specter of success begin to recede.

Tablet Moto Tab G70 went on sale in Brazil – its price is 2399 Brazilian Real, i.e. a generous 1700 PLN net. This is definitely more than we could imagine. After all, we are talking about a cheap tablet that is supposed to be a rival to the iPad.

Meanwhile, Moto Tab G70 is a more expensive model than the cheapest iPad, but it loses significantly in terms of software – it is the biggest horse of Apple tablets and Android rivals have little to say in this matter. What about the hardware layer?

What can the Moto Tab G70 do?

It is not much better – it drives heavy Android MediaTek Helio G90T taken straight from a dusty warehouse shelf. The premiere of the processor took place in 2019, i.e. three years ago. We can associate it with smartphones such as realme 6 and Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro.

photo: Motorola

Helio G90T has nothing to do with modernity, and moreover, they support it only 4 GB of RAM. The space for files is 64 GB, although it can be expanded with a microSD memory card. Nevertheless, for the given money, users should receive at least 6 GB of RAM and a much more powerful processor.

On the front we find the Moto Tab G70 11-inch screen with a nice resolution of 2000 by 1200 pixels (IPS LCD), and inside the case a battery of the size 7700 mAh. The cell supports fast charging with a power of 20 W. The specification is supplemented by a camera with a resolution of 13 MP.

Will Moto Tab G70 go to Polish sales? There is a high chance of this, but the Polish branch has not disclosed any information about the G70. We are left to expect.

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