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Zam’s analysis at the end of the Japanese Saturday after Marc Marquez’s pole position and the difficulties of Bagnaia, Aleix Espargaro and Quartararo

September 24, 2022

What could be the keys to the GP?

  1. The weather. It is of course the first and fundamental variable: will it be sunny, as expected, or will it rain?

  2. The departure. I know, it’s repetitive, but considering how the starting grid is, it will certainly be fundamental

  3. Motorbike tuning. Little was done both in the dry and in the wet: it may be that not everyone has a good set-up for the race

  4. Marquez on pole. After three years, Marc is back in front of everyone. In dry conditions, he does not seem to have the pace, even his physical condition is unknown, but speaking of Marquez, anything is possible. I believe that it will be decisive on the race of those who try to come up from behind, because passing it will not be easy anyway

  5. Quartararo, Bagnaia and Espargaro on the attack. For different reasons, the three main candidates for the title cannot and must not be satisfied: for each of them, losing more points could become decisive for the championship.

  6. Binder. The KTM driver is always a “big dog” in the race: starting from the front row, he can become decisive on the final result

Race pace (average of the five best passes in FP4, in collaboration with Antonio Lopez)

  1. Quartararo 1’45 “484; 2. Rins 1’45 ”596; 3. Miller 1’45 “781; 4. Oliveira 1’45 ”840; 5. Zarco 1’45 ”911; 6. Bagnaia 1’45 “996; 7. Marini 1’46 ”075; 8. Morbidelli 1’46 ”127; 9. A.Espargaro 1’46 ”143; 10. M. Marquez 1’46 “158.

Questions and answers reviews?

At the moment, all forecasts are dry all Sunday. So far, they have been spot on

Why was Bagnaia so struggling in the wet?

The Ducati rider says he has no feeling with the bike, he doesn’t feel the front. Actually, this is not the first time this year has happened in the wet: Pecco was also in difficulty on the other occasions in which he spun with slicks

Could there be team games at Ducati and Aprilia?

Yes, but only if Jack Miller and Maverick Vinales are not fighting for the victory: at least I think so. In this regard, Vinales was quite clear: “We all want Aprilia to win, but in the face of a success you can’t let anyone pass”

Comparison in qualifying between teammates

B.agnaia / Miller 10/6; Mir / Rins 8/6; Binder / Oliveira 8/8; Zarco / Martin 9/7; A.Espargaro / Vinales 12/4; Quartararo / Morbidelli 16/0

Sum of the points earned in the four free practice sessions (score assigned as if it were a race):

M.arquez: 10 + 25 = 35

Zarco: 5 + 11 = 16

Binder: 8 + 0 = 8

Vinales: 6 + 0 = 6

Martin: 1 + 20 = 31

A.Espargaro: 13 + 5 = 18

Miller: 25 + 16 = 41

Oliveira: 7 + 13 = 20

Quartararo: 16 + 6 = 22

Bagnaia: 20 + 1 = 21

Bastianini: 2 + 9 = 11

Three sentences of qualifications

1. Miller: “Beware of Marquez”

2.Quartararo: “Marquez can aim for victory”

3. Martin: “Watch out for Marquez”


M.anuel Pecino: 1. Zarco 2. Martin 3. Binder

Zam: 1. Bagnaia 2. A.Espargaro 3. Binder

René: 1. Vinales 2. A.Espargaro 3. Bagnaia

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