Motor Lublin still believes in second place and direct promotion

In the last league match in 2021, Motor defeated the team from Wrocław 2-0 at home. Despite the tiredness after the meeting with Legia, the rivals were not able to do much and the hosts deservedly won a set of points.

– The plan that we set up for this meeting was achieved in 90 percent. Silesia is an unpredictable team depending on who leaves the first team. We were also aware that in the second half, after the cup game, we might not have enough strength. And after the break it was visible. However, I would like to thank the guys for their commitment and tactical discipline. It looks very good from Wisła Puławy. We got into the second half badly, and that was due to the high pressure of the opponent, which we couldn’t deal with. Looking through the prism of the situation, it seems to me that we could have attempted at least one more goal. Overall, I am happy with the team, applause boys – coach Saganowski assesses the last performance of his team.

The coach also thanked the fans. – It is known that the match with Legia Warsaw is different. On the occasion of the meeting with Silesia, the stands were the most staunch ones. Thank you for cheering us on throughout the round, and especially to those who were at the away matches. It is known that it is the hardest there – adds “Sagan”.

What are the plans of the inhabitants of Lublin now? It is known that they will train until the end of this week, and later the players will be given a day off. They will return to classes in January, and the eWinner II league will resume play on the weekend of February 26-27. The motor will then go to Krakow for a match with Hutnik.

In the last three matches in 2021, the yellow-white-blue scored seven points. Does this mean that winter in the club from Lublin will be calmer? – Someone keeps catching me saying that the team is under construction, but that’s how it is. Recent matches have shown that time is working to our advantage. I’m sure this team will look much better after the preparation period. When practically all eleven are replaced, it’s hard to keep it all in sync. The matches from Wisła Puławy have shown that the backbone of this team is already there. And the meeting with Legia, that we really have quality in the team – convinces the Motor coach.

And does he still believe that there is a chance for a direct promotion to Fortuna I League? – Yes of course. The losses are not big and we are definitely in a much better position than when we took the team in January. I hope that the team will be slightly corrected in winter with good transfers and we will be a much better team, which we have been able to show in some games – explains Marek Saganowski.

It seemed that the losses to the second place would be only six points, but in the end it will be necessary to make up two more. On Monday, Chojniczanka defeated Stal Rzeszów 3: 1 and it was she who overtook Ruch in the table. It must be added that Michał Fidziukiewicz and the company will have to go to the match in Chojnice, so the task will not be easy.

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