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From the second week of August, the practical exam will no longer be required to obtain the A2 and A3 driving licenses. We posted the news on our social networks, where two different currents of thought were created

August 5, 2022

C.i are news coming for owners of driving license A1 and A2. It will in fact be possible, thanks to the changes introduced in the Infrastructure-Bis Decree, to obtain a higher driving license in the same category without the final practical exam. Only theoretical courses in driving school and a minimum of 7 hours of street practice will be needed.

Let’s take a quick review

S.and you are not very accustomed to the subject, or you simply miss the regulation of Italian driving licenses, here are some useful ideas.

The A1 driving license can be obtained at 16 years of age and qualifies to drive motorcycles with a displacement equal to 125 cm³, with power not exceeding 11 kw.

The A2 license can be obtained from 18 years of age. With this license it is possible to drive motorcycles with a maximum power of 35 kW, with a maximum weight / power ratio of 0.2 kW / kg.

Driving license A ability to drive any motorcycle. It can be obtained after two years of A2 driving license or directly at 24 years of age.

The timings

Lthe signing of the decree is scheduled for mid-August, consequently the decree should become law between 10 and 15 August.

What changes then?

P.for aspiring motorcyclists and for those who intend to buy a more powerful bike it’s good news. The decision to eliminate the final practical exam was in fact taken in order to streamline the bureaucratic process and lighten the workload on the engine.

What our followers think

TOWe published the news in the stories of our Instagram page asking you for your opinion in a survey and in a question box.

The topic has aroused a lot of interest and two different currents of thought have been created.

The majority – 62% – appreciated the updating of the decree precisely for the reason why it was changed, while the remaining 38% say the final practical exam is the most important test.

In the question box you have expressed yourself freely on the subject by proposing very valid arguments.

One of the main problems – and questions – concerns the price that Italian driving schools will set. Will they be taller? Or lower? There was also no lack of proposals: some argue that it would be appropriate to replace the practical part of the driving school with real safe driving courses on the road, especially for beginners.

What do you think? Tell us yours in the comments!

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