Motorcyclists in trouble, from today if you drive like this they will beat you

Moreover, the Highway Code speaks very clearly. It can be fun, but don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Don’t say you never did it, especially when you were young, because we don’t believe you. Anyone, with their own moped, with their own scooter, with their own motorcycle, has wheeled at least once. Or (but this can also be done with the car) he has let himself go to a thunderous skid. But pay attention to how you drive, you could lose an eye of the head from the economic point of view!

Beware of fines (web source)

Iconic gestures

These are gestures that, especially at a young age, have thrilled us. Symbols of rebellion, certainly not the best of civilization, road safety and safety. But as young people, you know, you do a lot of stupid things. It was already done with bicycles. And then we moved on to mopeds first and to motorcycles later. The important thing, however, is not to be hurt.

Skidding consists in making the rear tire lose friction in order to slide on purpose or crawl by locking the rear wheel. The wheelie consists in giving a thrust to the engine by pulling the handlebar thus raising the front wheel, you have to be careful not to raise it too much or you risk overturning, if you have a pushed engine the wheelie will be much easier.

Obviously, the wheelies of the skids are much more spectacular. Gestures also immortalized in various cult films, not only those focused on the world of engines. Think that on the internet there are also tutorials to do it correctly. Both in the form of text and video. In short, for fans of two wheels (but also four), skidding and wheeling is really a must.

The very high fines

But, now, everything will be more difficult. Or, rather, it will all be even more risky. Not just for our safety (and we always recommend driving caution). But also because very high fines have been introduced for some time.

Moreover, the Highway Code speaks very clearly: “On motorcycles and two-wheeled mopeds the driver (…) must not proceed by lifting the front wheel” says what should be the “Bible” for those who drive on the street.

Soaring symbol of real motorcyclists (web source) 11.8.2022 quattromania
Soaring symbol of real bikers (web source)

In short, be careful not to respect the provisions of article 170 of the Highway Code. In fact, a fine ranging from 81 to 326 euros can be incurred. And if the driver is a minor, the administrative detention of the vehicle can also be triggered for 60 days.

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