Motorola G200 will charge with 65 W or more

Motorola did not show off this year when it comes to the excess of high-end devices. It still has a chance to improve its image by introducing a new flagship for sale, in which it will use the super fast charging technology.

When Motorola is charging, iPhone hides

At the moment, Motorola cannot be counted among the smartphone manufacturers who take special care of the fast charging of the battery in their devices. One of the stronger phones in the brand’s portfolio, Motorola Edge 20 Pro, has a 30W rechargeable battery. And this is what Motki can do at the moment.

smartphone motorola moto g100 smartphone
Motorola Moto G100 – the successor of this Motka is to gain fast charging (source: Motorola)

However, a longed-for change is coming. The expected Motorola smartphone, with the designation XT2201, is to supplement energy thanks to a 68.2 W charger. Even if it means effective 65 W, and so we are dealing with one of the better performances in the market.

Smartphone manufacturers such as Samsung and Apple could get into complexes because of this. New iPhones 13 are loaded with power at best 30 W, which sounds a bit funny for flagship devices. In turn, the top Samsung Galaxy (for example Galaxy S20 Ultra), allow the battery to be topped up with 45 W, and not a single watt more.

Taking into account this background, Motorola will finally be able to count among the manufacturers who are better at fast charging, which so far has been the domain of smartphones from China and India, like Oppo or OnePlus.

OnePlus 9 Pro
OnePlus 9 Pro is charged with 65 W. Can you?

Could this be the expected Motorola G200?

The simplest association for a new Motorola device would be a model G200, about which we already know for a few weeks. The battery charging power was one of the last pieces of the puzzle to show the solid specification of the smartphone. It turns out that we will be dealing with a real flagship.

Motorola Moto G200 reportedly to be presented in November. So we shouldn’t wait long for official information about this model. We are waiting!

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