Motorstorm is back! Fans revive Sony game servers and invite you to play online

The Motorstorm brand was abandoned by Sony years ago, but players are not giving up. Fans took care of their own servers so that those interested could spend their free time playing online in the game with PlayStation 3.

MotorStorm is a series appreciated by players, which, however, has not been developed by Sony for a long time. The Japanese have dropped this IP and the developers responsible for the brand have been shut down – employees from Evolution Studios are now working for Codemasters.

Fans do not forget about the Motorstorm series and, thanks to their own servers, they have restored the multiplayer gameplay from the game available on PlayStation 3. Players can enable the title using the Sony console (in the console settings, change the primary DNS to, and the secondary one to or Or use the PS3 emulator (although in this case we need to get access from the authors.

The players’ servers also support such productions as: Warhawk, SOCOM Confrontation, Killzone 2, Twisted Metal Black and Calling All Cars. Now fans are working to revive PlayStation Home so that the community can gather again and hang out together.

You can find all the details of the servers on the PSONE website – the authors emphasize that they are not related to Sony and do not accept any donations or other money for the work. This is a purely hobby community project.


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