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Since yesterday, thanks to some road accidents, there have been strong slowdowns, but the traffic is destined to worsen in the main junctions of the peninsula. Full terminals in Fiumicino. Heavy rains in Trentino, Alto Adige and Val d’Aosta. Alarm for accidents at sea due to recklessness

After two years of pandemic the Italians return to move en masse and the start of the first weekend of August brings with it the inevitable summer exodus, with millions of Italians and tourists who started pouring onto the roads and highways to reach their holiday resorts since last night. Today will be the most complicated day with the bulletin
that turns black
and then turn red starting in the afternoon and throughout Sunday. Since yesterday, thanks to some road accidents, there have been strong slowdowns, in particular in the section of theAutostrada del Sole at the gates of Rome, where the queue has reached 12 kilometers of waiting for a clash that involved two heavy vehicles and two cars. Black dot traffic on A22, Autostada del Brennero. In a southerly direction between Carpi and the A1 connection (Modena) and between Brenner and Vipiteno they are signaled 4 km of queue. To the north, however, the traffic slowed down between the connection with the A4 (Verona) and Egna, while between Mantova Nord and Nogarole Rocca there are 4 km of tail after an accident. Critical situation on the Karst where this morning flared up a fire large in size. Meanwhile, as a precaution it was rail traffic on the Monfalcone-Trieste section was interrupted and the motorway link in both directions. The fire brigade who are operating in an attempt has already arrived on the spot put out the flames, not far from the A4 motorway.

The lines under pressure

The affected sections I am in south directionthe arteries leading to the holiday resorts, in particular along the Adriatic ridges, Tyrrhenian And jonica and ai border crossings in the direction of France, Slovenia and Croatia, and out of urban centers and for local travel. Furthermore, a consistent flow of traffic is expected in the vicinity of urban centers, especially starting from late Sunday afternoon, coinciding with weekend returns. From yesterday afternoon, then, the driving ban for heavy vehicles that, on the weekend, they will be able to circulate only at night. The tourist itineraries will obviously be affected by traffic: the A2 Mediterranean motorway that crosses Campania, Basilicata and Calabria; the Jonica and Tirrena Inferiore state roads in Calabria; the autostrade A19 Palermo-Catania and A29 Palermo-Mazara del Vallo in Sicily; there

state 131 Carlo Felice in Sardinia; the Pontina in Lazio, a particularly busy artery which, together with the Appia, ensures connections between Rome and the tourist resorts of lower Lazio; there E45 which affects Umbria, Tuscany, Emilia Romagna and connects the north east with central Italy; the Aurelia directors (Lazio, Tuscany and Liguria) e Adriatic (Puglia, Molise, Abruzzo, Emilia-Romagna and Veneto). Finally in the north i Motorway connections in Friuli Venezia Giulia towards the border crossings, la state of Lake Como and of Spluga in Lombardy, the state road of Val Trebbia in Liguria, the state road of Valle d’Aosta And Romea between Emilia Romagna and Veneto and the SS 51 of Alemagna in Veneto.

Full terminals in Fiumicino

Terminals full of tourists leaving for their holidays atFiumicino airport in this first weekend of August, with scheduled flights that are currently regularly operational. , Amsterdam Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Toulouse), leading the seaside destinations, including, in particular, the Greek islands (Santorini, Zakynthos, Rhodes), Crete, Ibiza, Palma de Mallorca; but also the Italian islands, with Sardinia and Sicily in the lead.

Red dot also in the coming weekends and unstable weather

There situation on the roads I will stay criticism also over the next three weekendswith red dot confirmed on the main Italian arteries. The technical structure of the A22 has already triggered the alert plan and identified the most critical days: 13, 14, 20, 21, 27 and 28 August. To complicate matters will also be the strong heat wave that is keeping Italy in check, even if a sharp drop in temperatures is expected from Sunday with a worsening of the weather situation in the northern regions. The first rains have already arrived in Valle d’Aosta where two localities of the upper Valpelline – Oyace and Bionaz – will remain isolated at least until today due to two landslides crashes yesterday afternoon on the regional road number 28; for a landslide in Val Ferret the recovery of the four occupants of a blocked car is in progress. Violent storms also in South Tyrol where, from today, theyellow alert as in Veneto and on some sectors of Piedmont And Tuscany. In Trentinoalready yellow alert: one water bomb went wild on Fassa valley, causing flooding in hotels and private homes. All volunteer fire departments are operational and more volunteer corps are coming to give support. The state road S48 of the Dolomites blocked in several places for landslides and landslides. Also in South Tyrol there have been dozens of interventions by firefighters to make roads and houses safe, also due to the trees cut down by the wind. In Val Badia over 90 liters of rain per square meter have fallen in a short time and many roads are closed.

Alarm for safety at sea

There is also attention to safety at sea, after the last weekends marked by serious accidents from north to south Italy. An alarm that triggers calls for caution: the Italian confederation of nautical schools, the Confarchthrough his deputy secretary to the nautical section, Marco Morana, to ask more controls in the areas most frequented by boaters and particular attention by the captains of the units. According to Morana, incidents such as those that occurred in the Argentario and in Sardinia place the accent on carelessness and failure to comply with the rules laid down by the Navigation Code: Given the events that occurred in the last weekends, it is necessary to focus on the carelessness on the part of the commanders, says the exponent of the confederation of nautical schools, who has always been involved in the issue of safety at sea. Beyond any consideration, it is necessary to reflect on these collisions in which the lack of compliance with safety regulations at sea is highlighted – explains Morana – We ask ourselves the more than legitimate doubt about the ignorance of those who govern the boatson a lack of training and, even worse, on how we obtained the nautical licenses. We look forward to more controls by the bodies in charge for the entire month of August – concludes Morana – and we also hope that attention will be focused more on aspects relating to coastal safety than on fiscal controls in the mooring areas.

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