Mourinho after Roma-Torino 1-1: “Deserved expulsion. Karsdorp? He knows why he wasn’t summoned. Abraham must … “

The 2022 of Roma and José Mourinho, ends with a comeback draw torn in extremis at the Olimpico against Turin and that leaves a bad taste in the mouth for the way it materialized, and with a red card for the Special One, who in the 89th minute after yet another protest against the referee Rapuano (author of a very contested and discussed direction of the match by the Giallorossi bench) screamed all his frustration at the Rimini whistle that kicked him out of the field without batting an eye. In the hot comments to DAZN’s microphones, the Portuguese coach prefers not to point the finger at Rapuano to whom he apologizes for the reaction and for the insults launched on the occasion of his expulsion: “The expulsion is right, my words to the referee deserved a red card. I apologized immediately after the game. However, I do not want to comment on his refereeing; I had the humility to apologize, you judge his performance and the influence he had in the development of the game, beyond the episodes “.

“In the last 20 minutes Dybala has turned on the light …”

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Rome-Turin 1-1, report cards: Dybala, there was light. Belotti betrays


Match analysis? There are two games: one up to 70 ‘and one after. Until the 70 ‘the Roma fans want to go home, in the last 20 minutes we have created more, maybe even the last 4-5 games. Because? Easy: we are a type of team with limits. When a player like Paulo doesn’t play it’s different. I don’t want to do Harry Potter, but how many more points do we have with Dybala. There are teams that have 20 wonderful players, we have what we have. I don’t want to hide: there are some players who are now at a very low level. Now let’s rest, then we will prepare a second retreat. It will be a time for some players to be self-critical. With these problems, we are a united team. We have spirit. A team that misses a penalty in the 92nd minute is dead: but no. We went for more. I called these 20 minutes the “minutes of hope” of having Pellegrini and Dybala together. Tahirovic is there, he has entered a situation of pressure. I knew he wouldn’t let me down. This is the job of the club. There are not millions and millions to spend and we all work together. Congratulations to Tahirovic: he did well“.

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“Belotti shouldn’t have taken a penalty but …”

The rigor? Belotti was not the one who was supposed to go on the spot. I can’t say who the designated player was. It’s the kind of situation that can happen. The problem is when you don’t give what you can give. I do not digest this psychological fragility. Belotti had the courage and made mistakes: at least she had the courage to do it“.

Mou in conference curries Abraham: “It is a privileged one, other than a psychological attitude …”

Where did the Roma that won a trophy without Dybala? Difficult to answer, if you give me your word that stays with you, my answer will tell you. Think of something that is not there this year.Abraham? Maybe I’m old fashion, but I think that when you become a professional player and in a universe of millions of children who wanted to be, you don’t need anyone’s support, you don’t need a source outside of yourself to motivate you, to give you what you need. What is this? The coach, the psychologist, not at all. You have to give everything on the pitch when you play, in every training session, in every match. Then, you play well, you play badly, you are wrong, you are not wrong. The player who makes a mistake with me, I can say that he is poor, but another thing is the attitude. Your question reflects today’s world. What psychological attitude? Run friend, miss one, take another, run. Man, millions and millions of children want to arrive, few arrive. You are privileged ..Volpato didn’t play well today, but it’s my fault because he’s not suited to play against a team like Torino. But other players need to have a high level of attitude“.

Josè Mourinho exchanges a greeting with Tammy Abraham, Salernitana-Roma, Getty Images

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“Karsdorp exclusion? My decision, he knows …”

The choice is mine not to call him. He and his companions know why and I don’t have to tell you, because they don’t justify every decision I make“.

Mourinho: “I learned to cry less than I used to cry in the past”

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Rome-Turin 1-1, report cards: Dybala, there was light. Belotti betrays


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Dybala and Matic save Roma: 1-1 with Torino


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