Mouth vs. Tigre, League Cup match: results, overview and goals

Abel Luciatti’s goal lifted the Matadors from bottom of Zone B to a 1-0 win over Xenize at La Bombonera for the first time in 15 years. Ezekiel Brode also made an official presentation.

tigerInitialization Lucas Pucinelli’s directorial debuthit before mouth He suffered several casualties, some from injuries and some from rotation, leaving him at the bottom of Zone B. pro league cup.was 1-0 At La Bombonera he hadn’t won since 2008, Abel Luciatti goal.

Luciatti He scored the only goal of the match with a header from a corner kick from the right. Aaron Molinas That Zenizeh defended in the zone. A blow that caused 』.Move, mouth move…Just four days before qualifying for the Copa Libertadores semi-finals, the fans “they had tried before” Thomas Badaloni, Alexis Castro, Jose Paradella and his own Molinas.

mouthOn the one hand, it was imbalanced. Double 9 by Edinson Cavani and Dario Benedettowas costly to break the circuit tiger It dominated midfield and produced only a few overflows Exequiel Zeballos and weak left leg Marcelo Weigant it finally fell into the hands of man Santiago Rojas.

proposal of aluminumon Didn’t survive halftime and whoever paid Pied Piper Benedict, In addition, with a loose performance, Vincent Taborda. and already in the first 10 minutes tiger He had three distinct situations that made a big difference on the scoreboard.

after that mouththe desire was greater than the idea, so he tried to get ahead of it, but only had two dangerous scenes when they finished Zeballos and Ezekiel Fernandez and saved by hard work red.

as the minutes pass tiger he withdrew, aluminumon In addition to having led more starters against Racing Debut of Ezequiel Buraudbut they were unable to mark the field to reverse a weak performance.

That’s why, in the closing stages, home fans demanded a long-awaited Copa Libertadores appearance, while visiting players celebrated the victory that helped them out of the bottom of the league B zone. pro league cup.

The game is over!

Tigre beat Boca 1-0 at La Bombonera with a goal from Abel Luciatti.

41′ 2T: Ezequiel Fernandez at the goalkeeper’s hand

Boca doesn’t have many ideas and wants a draw as much as possible against Tigre.

22′ 2T: Eguecuiel Zeballos claims Santiago Rojas

El Changito took a free-kick that hit the goalkeeper’s right post and the goalkeeper sent the ball into the corner. Boca are looking for a draw against Tigre.

16′ 2T: Edinson Cavani high free kick

The Boca striker couldn’t stop the ball.

Mouth vs. Tiger: Edison Cavani Free Kick


Mouth vs. Tiger: Edison Cavani Free Kick

10′ 2T: Sergio Romero saves Tigre’s second goal

Roberto Rojas’ header hit the defense and accidentally landed in the hands of the Boca goalkeeper.

Mouth vs. Tigre: Roberto Rojas Header


Mouth vs. Tigre: Roberto Rojas Header

7′ 2T: Great individual play from Alexis Castro

Tigre’s attacker overflowed from the left and Bruno Valdez paid to pass Nicolas Valentini, but then went off-angle and tried to throw over Sergio Romero.

Mouth vs. Tigre: Alexis Castro Shot


Mouth vs. Tigre: Alexis Castro Shot

The second half has started!

Boca lost 1-0 to Tigre and coach Jorge Almiron replaced Dario Benedetto for Vicente Taborda at half-time.

The first period is over!

Tigre beat Boca 1-0 at La Bombonera with a goal from Abel Luciatti.

43m 1T: Boca lose the mark inside the area

Tomás Badaloni cuts past Bruno Valdés for a header. Some substitutes have already moved to Boca.

41 minutes 1T.Good answer from Sergio Romero

Aaron Molinas tested from long range and the Boca goalkeeper blocked twice.

37 minutes 1T: Tigur’s goal!

Abel Luciatti made it 1-0 against Boca at La Bombonera.

Mouth vs. Tigre: Abel Luciatti’s goal (0-1)


Mouth vs. Tigre: Abel Luciatti's goal (0-1)

27′ 1T: Tigre approaches the front

Alexis Castro scored over Sergio Romero, but the ball went wide of the post. The play was also accompanied by Boca’s defense.

Mouth vs. Tigre: Alexis Castro Shot


Mouth vs. Tigre: Alexis Castro Shot

21′ 1T: José Parradera attempts to place.

The ex-Rieber shot with his left foot but fell far from Sergio Romero’s goal. Boca and Tigre are still 0-0.

18min 1T: Tomás Badaloni dangerous header

Through the striker, Tigre hinted that he would compete against Boca at La Bombonera.

17min 1T: Marcelo Weigant’s weak left-footed shot

The defenders connected the free-kick delivered by Exequuel Zeballos from the left as best they could.

15′ 1T: Tigre warns again

A cross from the left was headed in by Thomas Badaloni in the air.

13′ 1T: Alexis Castro’s top volley

A refusal by Nicholas Valentini ended with Tigre’s first approach.

5min 1T: Eguecuiel Zeballos leads Boca’s attack

El Changito on the left side was the most dangerous at the start of the game against Tigre.

The game has started!

Boca and Tigre have already been timed at La Bombonera.

Boca and Tigre players go out to warm up

The Zenizeh and Matador footballers are already preparing for a duel on the third day of the Pro League Cup.

Tiger vs. formation.Boca to Pro League Cup

Santiago red; martin GarayRobert redAbel LuciattiSebastian tight; Luke boringSebastian PredictAlexis Castro; Jose Paradera; Aaron Molinas and you take Badaloni.

Boca’s Eleven vs. Tigre enter the Pro League Cup

Sergio Romero. Marcelo Vaigant, Bruno Valdes, Nicolas Valentini, Marcelo Salacchi. Luis Advincula, Ezequiel Fernandez, Jorman Campuzano and Equiquel Zeballos. Dario Benedetto and Edinson Cavani.

Boca people don’t stop when it rains

Xeniz fans have made their way to La Bombonera to watch Jorge Almiron’s match against Tigre, despite the storms that have hit the city of Buenos Aires in the last few hours.

candy box

Tigre arrives at La Bombonera

El Matador have already arrived on the grounds of Casa Amarilla to face Boca on the third day of the League Cup.

Mouth vs. data.Tigre qualified for Pro League Cup

  • Time: 18:30.
  • Stadium: La Bombonera.
  • TV: ESPN Premium.
  • Referee: Yael Falcon Perez.

Lucas Pucinelli’s first words as Tigre’s DT

“We have a good group of football players, we have a team with a lot of individual qualities. We want to turn a good team into a good team with results. “It’s a very important challenge. I could have been there after Boca, but I’d rather be there now and take charge.”

Lucas Pucinelli

Boca vs. Boca Access Tigre to qualify for the Pro League Cup

The Xeneize official account has released important information regarding fan admission to La Bombonera.

Access to Boca Tigre

History of Boca and Tigre

  • Viewed 74 times
  • Mouth won 50 times
  • 12 wins for Tiger
  • they drew 12 times
  • Final showdown: Boca 1-0 Tigre, Pro League 2023 | Goal: Miguel Melentiel.

This is La Bombonera before the match against Boca.tiger

Despite heavy rains in the Municipality of Buenos Aires, the stadium at Brandsen 805 was fine.


Boca fail to win Tigre in Pro League Cup

Ahead of this race, technical director Jorge Almiron has announced that the injured Valentin Barco (left iliopsoas muscle injury grade 1/2), Norberto Briasco (left ankle sprain) and Luca Langoni (grade II). muscle damage) cannot be relied upon. , and with Lucas Blondel by Expulsion.

valentine boat

How Tigre will face Boca in the Pro League Cup

Meanwhile, Lucas Pucinelli will make his managerial debut at the Matador de Victoria after the departure of Juan Manuel Sala, who led them to an 8-4 win in 12 games. Tigre will also be looking for their first win in the LPF Cup after losing 2-0 on their debut against Sarmiento in Junin and losing 2-1 at home to Racing.


How Boca got to Tigre

Xenize will deliver on his promise after beating Lacín on penalties at the Cilindro de Avellaneda to qualify for the semi-finals of the Copa Libertadores. There they will have to face Brazil’s Palmeiras. Meanwhile, the La Ribera side, like their 3-1 debut against Platense, are looking to win again at home and forget their 0-1 defeat to Sarmiento in Junín the previous day. .

La Plata Mouth

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