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The places where some of the most famous films and TV series of all time were filmed, and which have thrilled us since we were little, are places of the heart, destinations that contain special memories such as caskets, emotions and unforgettable experiences.

How not to mention Richard Gere who rents a penthouse overlooking Los Angeles but suffers from vertigo and doesn’t set foot on the terrace. It happens in pretty woman, and with a view like that, we’ve all dreamed of being at the Beverly Wilshire. Then there’s Cameron Diaz, who swaps his mega villa with swimming pool in Hollywood with a stranger, and thus ends up in a remote English village: he is the incipit of Love doesn’t go on vacation.

Many of these dream destinations can not only be visited, but also experienced, in every sense: you can stay, in some cases for very modest prices, in the frame-places of some iconic stories of the small and big screen, or in places inspired by those films.

Movie lodgings to stay in

Love doesn’t go on vacation

love doesn't go on vacation home on airbnb


The destination of one of the most beloved romantic comedies of the Christmas holidays, Love doesn’t go on vacation (now on Netflix), is finally available on Airbnb. You can sigh in front of the fireplace like Cameron Diaz and dream that Jude Law is knocking on the door of this cottage in Surrey, Great Britain. It is the place recreated in the image and likeness of the film to set one of the two love stories: the scenes were shot on a set where this little corner of peace named Rosehill Cottage. In reality it is larger than Kate Winslet’s: it has three bedrooms and can accommodate up to five guests (for a minimum of two nights, which more or less calculated for two guests cost just over a thousand euros).
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The Lord of the Rings

home of lord of the rings hobbit new zealand

©Larnie Nicolson Photography

The Middle-earth Shire created for the sets of JRR Tolkien’s masterpiece films, Hobbiton, offers one-off stays on special occasions. The locality can be visited regularly at Matamata, New Zealand, but at the symbolic cost of 6 euros, corresponding to 10 New Zealand dollars. In March 2023, the possibility of sleeping in accommodation with a double bedroom and one with two single beds in the house was offered to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the film de The Hobbit.
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Downton Abbey

downton abbey castle airbnb

Jaap Buitendijk

Highclere Castle, which in the British series Downton Abbey, available on Prime Video, home to the Crawley family, is one of Britain’s most visited destinations. Thanks to the worldwide fame of this costume drama, this Hampshire country estate of the Earls of Carnarvon aroused new interest. And so, in addition to the various tours, it is also possible to stay on the estate to get a taste of life as a Lord. In 2019 and for one night only, the aristocratic owners opened the possibility of staying overnight in the patronal house (the castle) to Airbnb and who knows if the event will repeat itself.
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Glass Onion – Knives Out

resort where they shot the glass onion


The breathtaking setting of one of Netflix’s most expensive films, Glass Onion – Kvines Outreally exists and is the Amanzoe resort, in Greece, a luxury destination overlooking the Peloponnese. In short, pure opulence: you can book the villas, the cabanas on the beach or the pavilions. It starts from 1700 euros per night per person to relive the atmosphere of the murder mystery with Daniel Craig.
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The White Lotus

the white lotus was filmed at the four season in taormina


The series The White Lotus, on NOW TV and Sky, is specifically designed to let the public experience the charm of an ultra-luxury holiday in the Four Seasons hotel chain, which in fiction is called The White Lotus. The first season is set in Maui, with rooms costing more than a thousand euros a night, the second in Sicily, to be precise at the San Domenico Palace in Taormina, which reopens for the season from March 14 and offers couples’ stays starting from 873 euros at night. From Hawaii to Southern Italy, the magic remains unchanged. These rich, very rich guests – from Theo James to Alexandra Daddario – give vent to whims, vices and secrets of all kinds: the stories are pure fiction, but that VIP treatment can really be experienced.

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Harry Potter

it is possible to sleep in the harry potter house airbnb


JK Rowling’s saga, published by Salani. has given life to a real cinematic universe that boasts numerous locations, many of which have been rebuilt in Leveasden Studios, just outside London (which can be visited at the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter). The inspirations, however, are real and concrete and some allow for an unforgettable stay. At least two remain top destinations, albeit for different reasons. Christ Church, for example, is one of the largest boarding schools in Oxford and hosted the Great Hall filming in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. You can stay in student rooms during holidaysboth in the main building and in the two annexes (a person with bed & breakfast accommodation pays a minimum of around one hundred euros per night).

The house where Harry lived as a baby with his parents James and Lily in Godric’s Hollow, however, it can be rented on Airbnb for a minimum of two nights and it’s called De Vere House: the overnight stay for the room for two nights, service costs included, is around 400 euros.

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bella swan's house from twilight is on airbnb


TO Bella Swan played by Kristen Stewart his father’s house seemed like a nightmare, at least until he found true love nearby with the vampire Edward, or Robert Pattinson. The house really exists, in St. Helens, Oregon, and can accommodate up to eight people thanks to the five bedrooms it has.

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One of the most unforgettable and craziest stays a fan can ever experience is on the Isle of Wight and it’s not a hotel or a house at all, but a bus. Not just any, but The Spice Bus, the one used by the Spice Girls in the movie Spice World: accommodates up to three people and has a private bathroom. A night on board costs less than 300 euros, but the experience remains absolutely posh!

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