Movie review mystery We Have Always Lived in the Castle with Alexandra Daddario

l’the last novel of Shirley Jackson, book loved both by the critics
members of the audience. The film adaptation is Mark Kruger,
while the direction is entrusted to Stacie Passon (Concussionawarded to the
Berlin film Festival).

The Film We Have Always Lived in the Castle

plot you offers mode intriguing,
thanks to the framework of the era, represented through the echoes of the multiple
suggestions. The suspense it is noticeable from the first minute: the
the viewer sits on the chair feeling the expectations are well set.

The Cast and pitch

The atmosphere,
overall, remember brilliantly the The Mystery Von Bulow (1990) with
Glenn Close and Jeremy Irons. But if we love the pitch hollywood,
this film is an encounter between Emma (1996), an adaptation of the novel
Jane Austen, starring Gwyneth Paltrow, is a masterpiece more
oldish as What ever happened to Baby Jane (1962), directed by Robert
Aldrich with two undisputed divas like Betty Davis and Joan Crawford.

the main actors in the cast are Taissa Farmiga, Alexandra Daddario,
Crispin Glover and Sebastian Stan. Farmiga plays an eighteen year old,
Merricat Blackwood, forced to live in a state of isolation, together with the elder sister Constance (Daddario), in the estate of
properties. In the country, circulating rumors, when the entire
family Blackwood was exterminated by poisoning.

We Have Always Lived in the Castle, plot

the local inhabitants seem to have clear ideas about. Merricat,
however, she is forced to go to the country, once a week, for the food: the eyes that stare, mouths laughing and vengeful.
sisters can count on uncle Julian (Glover). But the dynamics
change with the visit of his cousin Charles (Stan), sentimentally
interested in Constance. In reality, the aims of the cousin is
will be more venial, sparking the ire of Merricat.

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