Movie Review. The first successful production with Megan Fox?

I was amazed at the foreign reviews: is it possible that we’ve got a movie starring Megan Fox and it’s pretty good? I decided to see for myself – and watched “Until Death”.

It is impossible to hide: movies in which Megan Fox plays the lead role are hardly successful. It happened that a few warm words could be said about those pictures in which she played smaller roles, although it is difficult to talk about a solid cinema here as well. There are, of course, several reasons for this. Of course, in the end it is the actress who decides to participate in a given title; you can laugh that neither she nor her agent “have a nose”, but we all know well that the situation is much more complex. Either way: the time has come for an unexpected change of this state of affairs.

The debut of the director of SK Dale – the thriller “Until Death” – has already received quite a lot of praise from Western critics. I researched the case (I went to the screening without going into details, I must admit, skeptical) and, to my surprise, I had a pretty good time. Without going deeper into the plot details: the couple goes to a house by the lake for the weekend. The first evening is very romantic, unfortunately, the next day Emma wakes up hung over and handcuffed to her husband’s lifeless body. And this is just the beginning of the festival of bloody troubles.

Until Death: Five reasons why you should give your film a chance

1. This movie is “about something.” I mean, let’s face it: Until Death is not a top-shelf painting, but based on a fairly solid, well-thought-out scenario. SK Dale and Jason Carvey take up some interesting topics, and although they lack insight, they do not fall into the cliché: it is impossible to underestimate the creativity of the creators. Imprisonment in a toxic relationship, confrontation with trauma, self-destruction, a woman in the face of a cruel, degrading and devastating reality of the remnants of her mental resilience – we can find here some interesting motifs.

2. Emotions. Yes, Until Death can build tension; sometimes he stumbles on his next rehearsals, but ultimately has his own moments that stick into the chair. The whole is captivating, and the involvement is not ruined, surprisingly, even by more and more ridiculous twists. It’s a pretty good thriller with a skilfully written cat-and-mouse game and a finale that may not surprise you, but is undoubtedly satisfying.

3. The main character. Aside from the acting role of Megan Fox, Emma is a really sensibly written character, about which we gradually learn more and more – and our interest is growing. Not counting on another boring, cardboard final girl. Anyway, the other characters also perform quite well, although Emma bears the entire drama. Take it easy: you want to cheer on her.

4. Megan Fox. Not that she underwent a spectacular metamorphosis into a good actress (because she didn’t), but evidently she was trying a bit more than usual; you can see that she came across a director who sensed how he should lead her. In the end, the entire cast did a really good job, however watching the convincing Fox was itself an interesting experience.

5. Dale’s movie is a thousand times better than the spin-off of “Saws”, so if you planned to go to “Spiral”, just let it go and spend those two tenets on “Until Death.” More impressions, satisfaction and sense.

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