Moving video Imagine Dragons filmed in Ukraine

crushed That’s the video that Imagine Dragons filmed in Ukraine, specifically in a town that was left in ruins after being invaded by Russian forces, and in it they describe what things have been like for a Ukrainian teenager .

video of CrushedThe new single from Imagine Dragons features Sasha, a teenager who has lived with her family for months after the bombings and who has no electricity or basic services to this day. With this Ukrainian boy’s heartwarming story, the group wants to show the thousands of people who need help right now.

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The story behind the moving video Imagine Dragons filmed in Ukraine with a war victim

video that is a little over three minutes crushed They are very touching, because everything that is filmed is real.

As told by the video’s director, Ty Arnold Rolling stone, spent the past winter constantly touring Ukraine to help those in need, who were also under the line of fire. On one of those trips she met Sasha, a boy who had survived the months of bombing. Sasha had just returned to his hometown, but found it completely destroyed.

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Since Ty was in constant contact with the members of Imagine Dragons (he is the director of almost all of their videos), he told them what he saw and suggested they make videos to help people going through this situation.

What they did was reproduce on a smaller scale what Sasha experienced and what thousands of Ukrainians continue to experience every day. At the end of the video, the members of Imagine Dragons put out a call for those who would like to donate to United24, an NGO that is helping those affected by the war.

Video filmed by Imagine Dragons to help people in Ukraine United24 has data if you want to join their cause.

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