Ms. Marvel, Iman Vellani knows the future plans of the MCU: “I love to keep secrets”

The star of Ms. Marvel, Iman Vellani, recently stated that he knows a lot about where the Marvel Cinematic Universe is heading and therefore about upcoming Marvel Studios projects to come. We know, for example, that the very young actress will be in the cast of The Marvels at the cinema as a co-star alongside Brie Larson.

Marvel Studios are always ten steps ahead of their audience, and some of their plans are likely to be revealed at San Diego Comic-Con next month. While you might think their stars also have an idea of ​​where things are going, that’s not always the case. However, Iman Vellani of Ms. Marvel knows a lot about the future of the franchise.

In an interview with, Vellani talked about how great it is to know what the studio is planning for the future, being a fan of Marvel movies herself: “I like to keep secrets. I know so much right now, and it’s the greatest power ever. I was that little girl who wanted to know every possible theory and every possible spoiler because she made me feel more informed. And now I really know these things, and it’s a good feeling“.

Returning to the Marvel miniseries, fans have found a sensational editing error in Ms. Marvel, specifically in the episode that arrived in streaming yesterday, the fourth. When Kamala and Muneeba land at Karachi airport and greet the family, it is night, but by the time they arrive at the family home in Karachi (where they meet the adorable golden retriever Magnum) it is broad daylight. Fans on r / MarvelStudios immediately noticed the mistake.

Ms Marvel’s Rotten Tomatoes score was recently unveiled, placing it among the best products in the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe, as well as the series with the highest level of appreciation.

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