MSI MAG Infinite S3 11th and MSI MPG ARTYMIS 323CQR are a duo for special tasks. A set for demanding players

The material was created in cooperation with MSI.

In 2021, we should require from the PC not only the appropriate level of gameplay, but also the good appearance of the equipment. MSI in the case of MAG Infinite S3 11th threw all the components into a modern case, which not only can encourage players with its design based on a series of sharp lines and RGB backlight, but above all, the company made sure that the effective presentation was combined with functionality. The housing draws air from almost all sides, and then takes care of the components and provide them with appropriate working conditions – the manufacturer, thanks to the large inlet area, has maximized cooling.

MSI MAG Infinite S3 11th - full hardware

It is extremely important considering what parts were used for this set – Intel Core i5-11400F processor combined with NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 and 16GB of RAM will provide gamers with the expected experience in the latest titles. Regardless of whether you want to visit the fantastic Mexico in Forza Horizon 5, go on a space adventure with the Guardians of the Galaxy or set off to conquer the front in World War II with the heroes of Call of Duty: Vanguard – you can count on the gameplay in the best conditions.

An important detail of the MSI MAG Infinite S3 11th is undoubtedly the use of a graphics card that derives its power from the Ampere architecture, i.e. the second generation RTX architecture from NVIDIA. Fans of realistic and effective frames can count on full ray tracing support and the use of NVIDIA DLSS technology. It is thanks to the latter proposal that we will receive not only beautiful graphics, but also improved gameplay fluidity.

You can save all your games on a 1TB disk – MSI relies on NVM Express technology, so you can be sure that each production will load instantly. The equipment offers up to 6 times faster speed compared to the classic SATA SSD drive … And if you decide to expand the combination, you can easily open the housing and then start the expected modernization. The manufacturer offers easy access to individual components – all parts are visible thanks to the transparent side panel, which will surely appeal to players who like to provide a beautiful illumination for the eye.

You can buy the MAG Infinite S3 11TC-003EU computer for PLN 6,899.00.

MSI MAG Infinite S3 11th - air action station

Having an efficient desktop, it is also worth considering a suitable screen. MSI MPG ARTYMIS 323CQR is a 32-inch monitor offering a resolution of 2560×1440 (WQHD) and an aspect ratio of 16: 9. In this case, the manufacturer also took care of the curved surface of the screen with a radius of 1000R, which significantly improves the experience – the company decided to develop a panel with viewing angles similar to the human eye. The proposal has received a frame-less design and a fully adjustable base at the same time – so that the device can be easily adapted to the player’s position.

MSI Artymis series monitor provides 165Hz refresh rate, which in combination with the 1-millisecond, extremely short response time of the matrix allows the player to react at the best moment. The equipment is great for, among others, first-person shooters and races – in this case you can easily fight in the Halo Infinite arenas or with pleasure jump into the longest races in Forza Horizon 5.

MSI MPG ARTYMIS 323CQR - front monitor

If you prefer to play on PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X | S, then you will definitely try the MSI Console Mode, which automatically proposes gameplay in 4K resolution with HDR support or can offer gameplay in 120 frames per second. The list of productions offering such smoothness is still growing, and in this case you can not only use the full power of the game on a connected PC, but also take advantage of the potential of the latest consoles.

Mentioning interesting technologies, MSI MPG ARTYMIS 323CQR has an intelligent viewfinder Smart Cross Hairso the player can turn on the point during the game, which thanks to artificial intelligence will smoothly change color and as a result we will see it in every situation. The manufacturer even thought about eliminating background noise, so Sound Tone function thanks to SI provides much higher sound quality – so that players can focus only on the gameplay. The monitor has also received the VESA DisplayHDR 400 certificate and supports AMD FreeSync Premium technology, providing smooth gameplay, without stuttering and screen tearing.

However, it is also important that each scene is properly presented, so MSI implemented a light sensor in the device, whose task is to automatically detect the situation at the player’s home, and then, thanks to the AI, adjust the screen brightness and color temperature. If you have the opportunity to play a lot of different titles, then you should take advantage of the Night Vision feature – MSI uses the world’s first intelligent system to brighten the dark areas of the screen, so the monitor will show the smallest details even in darkened areas.

MSI MPG ARTYMIS 323CQR - front and rear monitor

MSI also remembered about Less Blue Light technology, so by reducing the total amount of blue light generated by the screen, players can go for hours of sessions without worrying about eye strain. Whereas The implemented HDMI CEC will allow for establishing close cooperation between the monitor and, for example, PlayStation 5 – switching on one of the devices may wake the other from the standby mode. The company also used a universal USB Type-C, thanks to which we can use additional charging (up to 15W).

In MSI MPG ARTYMIS 323CQR, the OSD (On Screen Display) application is also very important, as it allows you to configure the equipment smoothly and quickly. In this case, players do not have to use the buttons on the monitor, and simply use the PC program to adjust all the functions and capabilities of the device.

Players now choosing MSI equipment can count on a very interesting promotion – by reaching for the indicated monitors, you will receive a set of accessories. The offer lasts until November 30 and allows you to win, among others, GH20 IMMERSE GAMING Headset + GK50 Elite Keyboard or MSI GK30 Keyboard. For a complete list of eligible products, please visit the MSI website.

In addition, we would like to remind you about the ongoing competition in which you can win one of the 20 sets of awards from MSI, and we also invite you to the manufacturer’s YouTube channel.

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