MTV VMA. In love Kourtney Kardashian and “future daddy of her children”, Travis Barker CONTACT LANGUAGES on the wall (PHOTOS)

For several months now, we have witnessed how Kourtney Kardashian thanks to her new beloved she is experiencing a second youth. Star of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” i Travis Barker they are almost inseparable, and paparazzi regularly photograph them while they are there showing yourself love in all possible ways.

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Lovers also appear more and more often together at industry events. It was no different last Sunday, when they visited MTV Video Music Awards. On the wall, the celebrity and the drummer, as usual, did not fail to delight photojournalists with tenderness in his performance. So there was no shortage hugs, holding hands, kissing the head and … touching the tongues.

On that day, they both focused on black styling. While Travis presented himself in original suit with studs on the knees and around the shouldershis girlfriend put on herself open shoulder leather mini with a tied, deep neckline.

Interestingly, during the event Kourt appeared on the stage at the side Megan Fox. The ladies had the opportunity to announce the performance of their loved ones, who have recently created the song “Papercuts” together.


However, the performance itself, performed by Barker i, did not echo widely Kelly’s Machine Gun, and spoken by people in love, we have three words of consolation. Kardashian and Fox, in addition to complimenting the partners, named them “future daddies of their children”.

In the media, Internet users are already laughing about how the ex-ex’s words, famous for jealousy, reacted Scott Disick. You think he will try to find an ally in Younesie Bendjimie?


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