Mueller on the Polish Lada: Big tax reform

Apart from Mueller, the Wednesday press conference of members of the ruling camp was attended by: Deputy Minister of Education and Science Tomasz Rzymkowski, Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration Błażej Poboży and Deputy Minister of Finance Jan Sarnowski.

Teachers’ salaries

At the beginning of 2022, Polish teachers began to alarm that tax changes under the government program “Polish Deal” reduced their salaries, despite the fact that up to 20 million Poles were to benefit from the solutions proposed by Law and Justice – United Right. A statement on this matter has already been issued by the Ministry of Education and Science.

– In recent days, information has appeared on the issue of wages paid for those people who are paid in advance. This applies to teachers, among other things. We want to clarify this situation with the issue of charging. This error will not mean that people earning up to PLN 12,800 gross would lose anything. I would like to apologize to those who experienced temporary inconvenience. They will receive these funds. The errors will be corrected – said Piotr Mueller.

In the opinion of the government spokesman, “we have started implementing a large tax reform”, ie the “Polish Deal” program. At the same time, “not all provisions have been applied in the spirit” that the government wanted. Therefore, the Ministry of Finance is to issue an ordinance on changing the principle of calculating advances, argued Deputy Minister Jan Sarnowski. That teachers will not lose out on new solutions, argued Tomasz Rzymkowski. – No teacher who earns up to PLN 12,800 gross will not lose on the “Polish Lada” – said the deputy head of MEiN.

The situation in the services

On Tuesday, the Polish media also reported that the police officers were to lose financially after the entry into force of the “Polish Deal” with the New Year. The group of policemen was to receive less money – both in executive and managerial positions. It is from 60-70 to even over 600 PLN.

– Due to the different constituent system of officers of uniformed services, there will be additional mechanisms that will be applied. This does not affect the negotiated pay rises in uniformed services – explained Błażej Poboży.

– We do not hide our heads in the sand, the reform is very large, it is of a fundamental nature. Sometimes errors appear during such implementations. The reform presents us and the people who implement it with great challenges. There will be webinars for accountants. We will help – Piotr Mueller promised in turn.

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