Multitasking: 5 simple ways to unplug and truly relax

Multitasking, doing 10 things at once is not always a winning move

Are you able to enjoy the present moment without having your head elsewhere? It’s not easy, is it? Years and years of praise of the multitasking they have led us to believe that knowing how to do ten activities at the same time makes us successful. But is it really so?

According to studies by a group of researchers from theUniversity of California published in the magazine Psychological sciencemultitasking forces the brain to continuously switch from one task to another with a great cognitive effort that generates anxiety and mental fatigue.

It’s all fast: fast food, fast fashion… And also fast beauty. The shelves and the web are full of ‘time-saving’ products that promise you a complete beauty routine in 3 minutes. Three minutes to be splendid shining. And, while you’re at it, in those three minutes you can always make a call on the speakerphone…

But are we sure that speed is synonymous with productivity and, above all, well-being?

Slow downoften does not mean being less efficient, but knowing how to find its own pacea comfortable size where you focus on present moment with greater awareness.

And here you allow yourself to read a newspaper by leafing through the paper pages instead of scrolling through it on your mobile phone, or to have lunch with the table set, avoiding the usual sandwich in front of the computer or TV.

In a world where everything is fast, try to take it slow. Starting from taking care of you, giving yourself the right time to be aware of your actions, of how you apply a cream, of your hair nourished by a posing mask, of the scent of a candle while you are immersed in a hot bath as if you were in a spa. Without expecting everything immediately, no miraculous expectations (even those hasty) but working on constancy, on sowing and harvest times.

Here you find a small guide to beauty rituals to slow down. We also indicate a ‘minimum time’ because we know that the temptation to accelerate is just around the corner. Try to allow yourself these moments without doing anything other than pleasant activities such as listening to music or reading a book.

Keep your cell phone away. Slowing down is beautiful.

1) Bath in the tub with music and scented candles – at least 15/20 minutes

Immerse yourself in the bathtub as if you were in a Spa. Mix the water well, add a few drops of relaxing essential oil, light some candles and choose the music. The soundtrack? You can never go wrong with jazz. Remind for when you get out of the tub: leave the bathrobe on the radiator to wrap yourself in warmth.

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