Murder of Conegliano, Ippolito tried to cut off his mother’s hands before cutting her throat

CONEGLIANO (TREVISO) – The 87-year-old had tried desperately to defend himself Maria Luisa Bazzo called Gina. But she didn’t make it. His son Ippolito Orsolina Zandegiacomo aged 57 he had even tried to cut off her hands before cutting her throat.

A few months ago the killer was reported for stalking

A few months ago, Zandegiacomo had been sued for stalking from a local woman, the one he said he was having an affair with. He was convinced that that woman was always from Parè was his girlfriend and that the feelings were reciprocated but it was not so. So that she felt persecuted and denounced him. However, the victim himself stressed that it was not a question of violent persecutory acts. He would show up at her workplace and wait for her, without making any of her moves. He, to his friends, had told that he was organizing a tour to Padua to go and pray that his girlfriend would get pregnant. Perhaps referring to the young woman he followed. But her attitude had aroused concern in the woman. Even more so today, after her stalker stabbed her mother to death.

The psychiatric report

The psychiatric report on Zandegiacomo who remains will also be made hospitalized and sedated in hospital. The 57-year-old was being treated at the Serd addiction center for drugs as well as alcohol abuse and had been declared as civil invalid and therefore perceived the disability pension. Before yesterday she had never given any signs of danger despite those loud quarrels that the neighbors of via Einaudi have reported and heard several times. And before the arrival of the Carabinieri yesterday, you also tried to take your own life. Now the pathologist Antonello Cirnelli delegated by the prosecutor Michele Permunian will also perform a external examination on the body of the woman. And the Treviso Public Prosecutor’s Office will have a psychiatric report carried out on him.


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