Music, love, motherhood, she tells us all!

Meet Marina Kaye.

She has always been singing. The first covers she has been posting on her YouTube channel since she was 10 years old, and the beautiful songs she writes, composes and performs today.

Marina Kaye wins Incredible Talent in France at age 13!

She was only 13 when France discovered her amazing voice. He chose only difficult songs to sing, especially when you are very young. rolling in The Deep, set fire to the rain adele and Fireworks by Katy Perry. The audience is instantly captivated by this simple young girl, but whose voice touches their hearts.

It was a little weird, a little unnatural. I was at a stage in my life where I was trying to make myself, find myself. And I found myself in front of cameras and people who were judging me.

Faced with the judgment of others at age 13

Being famous at 13 is complicated and it’s not Marina who will tell you otherwise.

It’s too violent! At the age of 13, you do not agree with yourself so it is not easy to face the judgment of others.

And critics on the Internet and social networks did not spare her.

I made the mistake of trying to please everyone, I wanted to make sure people liked what I was doing. So I read what people were saying, and it was terrible! Most of the people who speak on social media are disliked or disagreed with. I’ve seen some really nasty things on myself. There were even Facebook pages that were created to say that I should never have won La France Unencumbered Talent.

Victim of bullying on the internet, but also in school

Apart from violence, Marina also has to face hate comments on the internet. persistent bullying at school, Worried, his mother makes an appointment with the director of her school. My soul trembles at the reaction of this officer.

Well, that’s normal, he’d better not do that, he didn’t win all the money.

No adults will be able to support her and Marina will have to learn to manage this new life all alone.

I didn’t grow up in a very liberal universe, I had to cut my own teeth and didn’t tell anyone about it. I was always in my head, I used to take stuff on my own until it stopped working. At school, the negative reactions after my victory were numerous. Money was at stake, so it didn’t make the kids, their parents or teachers happy. So I had to stop school and register for CNED. I was very sad. I felt very lonely, I didn’t have any friends, and it was during this period that I started working on my first album. And frankly, it saved me!

Marina’s music is very personal

It is impossible for this 25 year old young lady to sing words that are not hers.

When texts are offered to me, I politely decline the offers. I find it very difficult to interpret a song that doesn’t come from me. I want my music to be very personal.

Marina has no regrets about participating in this tele-hookup show. Although he felt the need to take a break after this experience, for him it wasn’t about a career, it was just about having fun.

Incredible Talent for me was a move that had nothing to do with my career, it was just a game. Still it was really stressful doing this show in the end. But in my mind, there was a real divide between competing in a pageant and being a singer.

I became a singer at the age of 16

Marina needed a break after the show. He took refuge in writing.

When I am in the phase of creation, I do not ask myself any questions. At that time, I was just a kid who writes, and sings what he writes. I wrote, I recorded, I met incredible people… and then I signed my first contract. This click is actually my first deal at age 16.

Marina’s career was just starting and she was only 16 years old.

I was happy and proud, but it was a lot of pressure. I really wanted to get it right.

everything is connected. You have to select the first single.

That too was difficult. I love all my songs and Homeless was not my first choice at all, it was fate. I wanted to start with Dancing with the Devil, after all it was my second single.

happy but lonely

Becoming a singer and earning a living from her passion changed Marina’s life. She didn’t do anything at all like other girls her age. And even though she was happy, she still felt lonely.

I had adult responsibilities, I had to think like an adult. I was constantly falling behind. So I became a young lady before my time. I can’t say “a woman” because I was too immature at that time, but I had to take responsibility for myself and manage the professional aspect of my life.

And personal life in all this?

Day-to-day living is out of the question for Marina. No doubt he has plans. But the young lady is a perfectionist, she wants to do things well.

I want to start a family, I want to be a mother. I am going to get married so yes, this is the next step. But I want to do things well because I do very special work. I don’t want anyone to eat others. I don’t want to miss anything because I’m doing something else. At the moment, I am working on my next album. These are cycles that sometimes last up to 2 years. It’s a stressful, exhausting time because we have so many concerts, promotions… I just couldn’t see myself having a baby in the midst of all this noise. When I come out of the promotion cycle, I will be ready. It is important for me to do everything in its time and to do it well.

, I hope that I will be able to build a relationship of complete trust with my child ,

Motherhood, Marina is already thinking about it, in general you will tell me, she is going to get married! But the young woman has her feet on the ground, she knows you can’t predict anything until you hold a baby in your arms.

I have theories that I would like to be able to broadcast, others that I would like to refrain from broadcasting. I have an ideal in mind, but I also know that being a parent is complicated, and I’ll definitely make a lot of dumplings.

to Marina, Parents are constant allies of the child.

When no one understands you, no one listens to you, no one agrees to follow you, there are still parents who brought you into the world and raised you. I hope that I will be able to build a relationship of complete trust with my child. I would rather suffer and know it all than imagine her facing her dilemmas alone.

“I Want to Be a Sanctuary of Peace for My Child”

All the stories we hear today… kids taking their own lives because of bullying in school, because there are things they can’t manage, because they were ashamed, and they didn’t want to talk about it. I would have trouble telling myself that my child was being bullied and he didn’t dare to tell me. I was bullied in school and it was very complicated. I want to be a sanctuary of peace for my child. No one listened to me. It amazes me to see that even today children find themselves alone in the face of these extremely difficult situations of life and management.

Participating in a TV game to become a singer, good or bad idea?

Marina doesn’t regret anything in her life because she turned her weaknesses into her strengths. In addition, the young lady is sure that nothing happens by chance.

I believe that life does not subject you to trials that you cannot overcome.

If your child has already embarked on this type of adventure, having brilliantly overcome the formidable course of the “Star System” at the age of 13, then it remains only for you to support your child with all your might. Can give advice, and remind him that it’s just a game.

Chances are it will lead nowhere. There are no child actors in France, and the return to reality is terrifying. By living the experience as a game, it becomes a phase of his life and the return to reality is therefore normal. This is not the end!

However, if you are unsure…

Above all, don’t do it. Therefore ! It’s not a kid’s place to stand on stage in front of millions of people, to be judged, it’s not good for him. I know how hard it was for me and I wouldn’t wish this on any child.

If Marina Kaye Really Became a Singer, It’s Not Because She Participated in France has incredible talentbut becausehe needed an escape from his reality,

It was music that saved me. I had to quickly leave where I was. The lessons were long and the music loud. I was lucky that I knew how to sing, I had good stars, that’s my luck! I would like my child to have a real childhood, to be naive, to dream. I never believed in Santa Claus, I never believed in anything. I’ve gone from grief to grief since I was very young. And music for me was the last way to dream.

Marina Kaye’s greatest strength is her sensitivity. She took him far and allowed him to achieve great things: the first album, Fireless in 2015, then Explicit in 2017, and Twisted in the Middle of Covid. In the fall, her next album will be released, a variation on the theme of love that exists in her life today. In the meantime, you can already listen to his single heaven Bound, And book your tickets for his concert at Trianon on March 28, 2024.

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