Musk at the head of Twitter, the post by Donald Trump: “I’m happy”

The fact could take on considerable importance also at the political level. It could in fact have an impact on the next ones midterm elections in the United States, if Musk keeps his promise to restore the accounts of users banned from the platform and to limit restrictions on publishable content.

“Twitter must now work hard to get rid of bots and fake accounts. It will be smaller but it will be better,” Trump hopes in the message posted on his social Truth commenting on the new ownership acquired by Tesla’s CEO. These are words that reveal a certain interest on the part of the tycoon in a very famous and very influential platform that would guarantee him greater following and direct contact with his potential voters. According to some conservatives, the platform could favor liberals and secretly downgrade conservative voices. Former President Donald Trump is not the only one who has been banned. Like him also his ally Roger Stonewho wrote on Telegram: “I wait patiently to get my voice back.”

For its part, Elon Musk since April he has repeatedly stressed that his goal was to support “free speech” on the platform and to work for “unlock” the “extraordinary potential” of Twitter. The entrepreneur suggested rethinking the social approach to content moderation and permanent bans, with potential impacts on the political landscape. To announce the acquisition, Musk tweeted last Thursday: “The bird is free”, a reference to the logo to indicate the new course of Twitter. And in fact the first news coming announced by the new Chief Twit of the social network was the creation of a “Content moderation advice with many different points of view inside. “The billionaire also specified:” No major decision on content or account reinstatement will happen before the board is convened. “

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