Musk responds to Wall Street Journal: ‘I tested negative for drug use’

Monterrey, Mexico – Elon Musk has responded to a Wall Street Journal article detailing Tesla and SpaceX executives’ concerns about his drug use, saying he has not tested positive for drugs and highlighting his company success in business.

“While leading Tesla to become the most valuable car company in the world and leading Space to post on X.

The Wall Street Journal reported over the weekend that Musk had taken LSD, cocaine, ecstasy and hallucinogenic mushrooms, according to people who witnessed him taking them.

He added that some of his company’s executives and board members have been concerned about the billionaire’s drug use in recent years.

People close to the tycoon say he continues to use drugs and worry it could lead to a health crisis or damage their business.

The use of illegal drugs may violate federal policy and could jeopardize SpaceX’s billions of dollars in government contracts.

This practice also violates SpaceX and Tesla company policies.

In X, Musk claims he has not tested positive for the drug in three years of random testing.

“Not even traces of drugs or alcohol were found,” he stressed.

In 2018, he was tested at NASA’s request after smoking marijuana on comedian Joe Rogan’s show.

According to the Wall Street Journal, NASA asked SpaceX to provide written assurances that it complies with federal drug-free workplace laws.

Corporate contractors must follow NASA’s standard guidelines for drug testing, which typically screen for marijuana and cocaine and are also able to test for amphetamines, opioids and pentachlorophenol.

Contractors may also lose their security clearance for substance abuse, which is defined as using illegal or prescription drugs “in a manner that deviates from approved medical directions.”

As CEO and founder of SpaceX, Musk has security clearance to access classified information.

In another social media post, Musk insisted: “If drugs actually help increase my net productivity over time, I will definitely take them!”

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