My Best Friend’s Wedding / On Canale 5 the Turkish remake of the film with Julia Roberts

My Best Friend’s Wedding, Canale 5 film directed by Cem Karci

My Best Friend’s Wedding will be broadcast today, Friday 12 August, starting from 16.30 on Channel 5. It is about a 2018 Turkish adaptation directed by Cem Karci of the American romantic comedy starring Julia Roberts, Cameron Diaz and Rupert Everett filmed in 1997 about the unexpected of love. The title of the Turkish film in the original language is Her Sey Seninle Güzel and the Turkish actors in the cast are the young Burcu Biricik, Mert Firat, Hazar Ergüçlü and Ilker Aksum. The film was produced for Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

Beautiful, young and cultured, the Turkish actress Burcu Biricik is the protagonist of this remake of 2018, but in her homeland she has been known since 2006, having played in many roles from comedy to historical fiction, both as an extra and as a protagonist. The actress has a degree in archeology and is married to compatriot photographer Emre Yetkin; Mert Firat, actor and screenwriter, is a multifaceted artist who dedicates himself to screenwriting, acting, but also theater and advertising, chosen in 2017 as UNDP (United Nations Development Program) goodwill ambassador for Turkey.

Hazar Ergüçlü, born in 1992, is known to the general public for the TV series The Protector distributed by Netflix, while Ilker Aksum starred in Turkish and international films, made his film debut in 1999 and was married to Belgin Erdoğan, the Sheikh’s nephew. Said. The film was appreciated by the public for its romantic atmospheres and for the soundtrack, which project the viewer with simplicity into the vicissitudes of a love story.

My Best Friend’s Wedding, the plot of the film

Let us now dwell on plot from My Best Friend’s Wedding. The young Deniz has not forgotten her childhood sweetheart, Emre, and risks losing him altogether when he is about to marry another woman. Between the two friends there was a pact that would see them get married, if by the age of 28 they had not found a soul mate. But Emre is about to break the deal. Deniz tries all of her, to ruin the wedding of her beloved Emre of her, but without success: she will soon be forced to declare her love for her to her long-time friend.

But love has knocked on Emre’s door and despite all Deniz’s efforts to win him back, the woman of life chosen by Emre is not Deniz. Forced to accept the evidence, the girl tries to remedy her mistakes and face the harsh reality!


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