My best friend’s wedding: the film with Julia Roberts and Rupert Everett turns 25

Twenty-five years ago, My Best Friend’s Wedding was released in American cinemas; the film starring Rupert Everett would rejuvenate rom-com and cement Julia Roberts’ star status.

Twenty-five years ago it was released in American theaters My best friend’s Wedding; the film starring Rupert Everett would rejuvenate rom-com and cement the star status of Julia Roberts.

The romantic comedy My Best Friend’s Wedding from 1997 is a messy film in many ways. To begin with, it begins with a musical sequence on the opening credits with Wishin ‘and Hopin’ by Burt Bacharach and Hal David, the first of many musical moments in the film. But this is just a preview of how the film disrupts the entire genre of romantic comedy. The title by PJ Hogan, with a screenplay by Ronald Bass, reflects on the extreme behaviors that heroes and heroines of rom-coms choose to do in order to win over their comrades.

Jules (Julia Roberts) is a New York-based food critic, who we first see at lunch with her publisher George (Rupert Everett). She receives an urgent message from her best friend Michael (Dermot Mulroney), a sports writer with whom she attended Brown University years before her. The two had a month-long relationship, but decided it would be better to be best friends. Best friends who made a marriage pact with a blood oath: They would have married at 28 if they were both still single.

Which, for the record, is absolutely insane. Even for a film shot in the 90s, 28 is a strange age to choose for a marriage pact. It is essentially about letting the other person know that you are hoping to marry them. And why 28 and not 30? Four days after receiving the message, Michael’s wedding will take place, which Jules intends to break up at all costs.

The most significant way that My Best Friend’s Wedding refuses to follow the rules of ’90s romantic comedies is to deny her heroine a happy ending. Although she confesses her feelings about her, Michael still marries Kimmy and Jules finally accepts the situation with what little dignity she has left of her. It’s George who shows up to dance with her at her wedding, reminding us that sometimes your “person” may not be someone you’re in a romantic relationship with.

My best friend’s wedding could be a feminist masterpiece, refusing to play by the rules of the genre and letting every person get what they deserve.

For the past twenty-five years, My Best Friend’s Wedding has remained a part of popular culture, continuing to scare the girlfriends of men to female best friends.

In 2019, 22 years after the release of the film, the cast of My Best Friend’s Wedding started a reunion that won the hearts of all fans.

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