‘My Darling’ remake and Cameron Diaz return make Netflix news in 2024

Netflix showcased its new 2024 slate at a huge event in Madrid, with several creators and stars in attendance as guests.Streaming media platform Heavy artillery deployed, special focus on Spanish productionfor twelve months we opened our mouths and were filled with interesting news.

This event is divided into Three sections, series, film and non-fiction (reality and documentary)in which the press was able to get an exclusive look at the first images of some of the most anticipated games on the platform, as well as the occasional surprise in the form of unexpected announcements.

Actors Tristán Ulloa, Borja Luna and Ana Polvorosa, as well as creators Carlos Montero, Oriol Paulo, Ramón Campos and Los Javis all came to talk about their respective projects. Netflix content chiefs Mariano Barroso (films) and Veronica Fernandez (series) were also on hand to comment with the media Major keys to Netflix’s just-started release strategy for this year.


The presentation began with a clip from the premiere of the second season of “Machos Alfa” and confirmed that the series was created by brothers Alberto and Laura Caballero Renewed for third season, already in preparation. Next up, Oriol Paulo and Ana Polvorosa present the unsettling thriller Last Night on the Beach at Tremore, a film based on A miniseries based on the novel by Mikel Santiago, also starring Javier Rey.

This year’s batch includes The Gentlemen: The Series (based on the Guy Ritchie film), The Hand (a six-part thriller about the cocaine smuggling of Barcelona), the long-awaited Bridgertons ” season three, the eighth and final season of Elite , a new season of Lyle and Eric Menendez-centered true crime anthology Monsters , Ladies’ Handbook , Assault and “Clanes”, “Senna” with Miguel Herrán, a biopic about Ayrton Senna starring Gabriel Leone, adapted from the classic comic “El Eternauta” starring Ricardo Darín, an ambitious adaptation of “One Hundred Years of Solitude” plus Friel García Márquez, of course, “Squid Game” Season 2, the first image has also been projected.

As we speak, Spanish fiction has been going strong (and is growing increasingly globally). Netflix has recommissioned hospital drama Breathe from Carlos Montero, a new passion project from the Elite creator, a self-described lifelong fan of medical dramas. Álex de la Iglesia moves to Netflix with 1992, a murder thriller in which, along with all the victims, Seville’s 92nd Expo mascot Curro doll.Presented by Ramon Campos Candela Peña as Rosario Porto Tristan Ulloa plays Alfonso Bastra.

First photo of

The main course has arrived Javier Calvo and Javier Ambrossi present “Superestar”is a drama about Tamara/Urena, created and directed by Nacho Vigalondo, in which we will see Ingrid García Jonsson As the protagonist, the cast includes Natalia de Molina, Secun de la Rosa, Pepón Nieto, Carlos A. Carlos Areces, Julian Villagran and Rocio Ibañez. The first images released during the event highlight the incredible characterizations, with the actors completely transformed into the pop culture figures they represent.


Not only were the Jarviss at the event to talk about Superestar, but they also announced a little-known project, a remake of the iconic film Dear Madam, starring José Luis Lopez Vázquez. and was nominated for Best Foreign Language Film in 2017. 1973, produced by the creative duo (who will direct and write the film will be announced soon). However, the Jarviss were reluctant to use the word “remake”: “This is an adaptation; times have changed and we thought now would be a good time to revisit the story, A brilliant and mainstream story about gender identity and love. The creative challenge is how far it can be updated without losing its essence. “

Other films shown in this section include Through Your Look, Girls starring Millie Bobby Brown, Rebel Moon Part 2: Warriors Who Leave a Trace, The Champions starring Danny Rovira “, “Hollywood Detective: Axel F.”, the sequel to the national phenomenon “El Hoyo” and Cameron Diaz returns with action comedy Back in Action, in which he reunites with old acquaintance Jamie Foxx.

Finally, Jennifer Lopez stars in the sci-fi blockbuster Atlas, Singer Aitana stars in romantic comedy “Wall to Wall”a remake of the 2015 French film Behind the Wall.


The biggest highlight of the speech was the invitation of the famous collaborator of “Sálvame” and the protagonist of the reality show “Sálvese who can”, Responsible for receiving reporters, taking roll calls, collecting jackets, etc.. The event began with a reality show and ended with a reality show announcing the most compelling novelties in the platform’s non-fiction genre this year.

Titles such as “(P)ícaro: El Pequeno Nicolás”, “El Slam de Netflix”, “Univerxo Dabiz”, “Soy Georgina” Season 3 or “La Liga 2024”. Baroness Thyssen attended the end of the speech in personAttended the event to announce her new project on Netflix with Komodo Studio (creators of I Am Georgina), a documentary series in which she will tell her story in the first person.

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