“My family, Pioli and Ibra fundamental”


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Rafael Leao was interviewed by “Outpump“, In addition to being chosen as the cover man. This is the talk of the Portuguese available on the paper edition of the magazine, on newsstands today, which deals with fashion, music and much more; Leao fits perfectly in what is treated by the magazine.

The Rossoneri number 17 starts from the music: “The song that defines me? It’s very difficult, I have to think about it … Young Star Player, from Capo Plaza (smiles, ed) “.

On his origins and the neighborhood where he was born: “All men seem silent. Because where I come from everyone seems invisible. After all, when you grow up in a difficult neighborhood it is like this, it is practically impossible to be seen: no one looks at you, no one wants to look at you. Through what I do today, football, music, fashion, I want to show all the children in my neighborhood and similar neighborhoods that they can do it, regardless of their origins. One thing, however, is fundamental: we must never forget where we come from ”.

Rafa talks about the logistical difficulties, and not only, to get to the training camp as a child: “When I think of those hours, I think of traveling with my father on the train. I was little. We didn’t know how to pay for the tickets and that transport was the only way to get to the training grounds. I think of him reflecting every night, before going to sleep, looking for a way to bring money and food home. Football was my dream and, despite everything, my family managed to give me the tools to make it happen. She has always been by my side. For this reason, now I want to give the opportunity to live peacefully, without worries, to those who shared those moments with me. And that’s why I always keep my feet firmly on the ground, because I know well that fame and success are fleeting, especially in football, where one moment you are the best and the next you are the worst. You need to have the right support and great mental consistency. I am happy to be who I am today and what I can do for my family, the happy ending I talk about in “Escolhas” is enclosed here ”.

Leao talks about “Way 45”, her second identity: “I have always loved music, but when I arrived in France, in my first football experience outside Portugal, I started to listen to it with much more attention. Teammates like Ikoné introduced me to French rap. Those songs helped me learn a new language, I still listen to them today. The passion has increased over time, so I decided to write, record and publish my tracks. Inside the Milan changing rooms, in the weeks following the launch of my first album, you only listened to my music … Some of my teammates made fun of me, but without malice, everyone always supported me ”.

His musical inspirations: “I always try to listen to everything and everyone. In this period, even if it sounds strange, I happen to play Ed Sheeran songs from time to time. I think it is very important to know and understand other types of singers and musical scenes. In Milan I had the opportunity to get in direct contact and forge bonds with many artists: I am thinking for example of Lazza, Capo Plaza and Sfera … They are not only very strong, they are also beautiful people and they are all in love with football. In the future I would like to feature with these singers, of course, but I don’t know if they think the same way … In any case, music will continue to be a pleasure and a moment of sharing with my historical friends, I don’t live it. and I will not live it with the intention of earning money. It is not a job. For my brand, however, the situation is different “.

Rafa talks about his streetwear brand “SON IS SON”: “A child is a child, whether he is 20, 30 or 50 years old. It is a metaphor. It means you can get out of your neighborhood, but your neighborhood won’t get out of you. The passion for fashion was instilled in me by my father. When I had to leave the house he always made me stop in front of the mirror, he wanted me to check myself, to take care of my appearance. My mother was a hairdresser, but he was the one who cut my hair. As a child I wore them long, I still remember the day they gave me a baby girl at school, I went back to him and he cut them off instantly. Now he keeps telling me that I am becoming more and more beautiful, he means that I am doing my job well. I have always wanted to create my own brand and here in Italy I am lucky enough to be able to talk frequently about fashion, to participate in fashion weeks. Step by step, I am trying to carve out a space in this market. From the very first collection, I wanted to make prices accessible to everyone. I am aware of what it means to work hard to earn money and I am happy that my clothes can be bought by anyone who wants them ”.

The Portuguese talks about his passions: “There are so many links between football, music and fashion. They are my life. I want to go all these roads. And I want to carry on the passions I speak less of, such as those for photography and print magazines. When you play and you are good you earn a lot of money in a short time, but I know well that the ninety minutes will end sooner or later, I will not be able to live forever playing football. Therefore I am opening alternative doors, linked to the areas that stimulate me the most outside the field ”.

The pressure on Milan, Pioli and Ibrahimovic: “The first two years at Milan were difficult, I came from France, where everything was smaller and life was very different. When you arrive at Milan you know that you have to be a winner, that many legends have worn the same shirt as you, winning many trophies. You feel and experience it immediately. After a transition process, I became another person and another player. During this period my family, Mr. Pioli and Ibra, who I keep close to every day, were fundamental. Zlatan is an example, he taught me the importance of asking, of always staying focused, even outside the pitch. We speak whenever we can, not as professionals or colleagues, but as men. Now I want to take advantage of all the opportunities that are on the horizon, I want to be a protagonist and deserve my place in the starting eleven of the Portuguese national team. And if there is a chance to win, well, it will be very nice ”.

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