“My forgiveness is infinite, my love for you is unconditional”

The businessman and the football player’s wife published a heartfelt message on her official social network. All details in note.

Rosa Fuentes published a “strange” message about forgiveness and love the day before Mother’s Day. , Libero composition.

Paolo Hurtado was “protected” josmery toledo through the cameras of Magali Tv The Firm, it became news rosa fuentes, still the football player’s wife, ended their marital relationship. However, he may have changed his mind. Because

just a day away from celebrating mother’s DayThe businessman made a strange revelation in his account Instagram It took thousands of people by surprise as the message is based on immense forgiveness and unconditional love for a person.

Did Rosa Fuentes dedicate a meaningful message to Paolo Hurtado?

During previous interviews given by Rosa Fuentes to various media, it was indicated that Paolo Hurtado wanted to resume his relationship with the mother of his children by giving them different gifts.

Also ‘The Footballer’Scientist‘ The businessman was captured entering the apartment and moving to his new location. These clues make rumors about a possible reconciliation rise.

former partner oflittle horse‘ posted a ‘strange’ message. “Today I want you to know that my forgiveness is infinite and my love for you is unconditional.He. No matter what mistakes or failures you have had in the past, you can always reach out to Me and receive My grace and mercy. My plans for you are perfect and full of hope and a bright future. Trust me and follow my path, and together we will achieve great things. I love you with an everlasting love”Image contains text.

Magali TV was a rude gesture from Paolo Hurtado with the cameras of La Ferme

the footballer Scientist signed agreement with rosa fuentesAnd in the process he made a really bad gesture with the cameras of Magali MedinaThis behavior was strongly criticized by ‘Urraka’.

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