‘My life changed by that tragedy’

Charlize Theron’s attitude towards life has been shaped by tragedy. The 47-year-old actress realized that “nothing is forever” after experiencing tragedy in her youth. The mother of the South African diva, winner of an Academy Award, shot her father in self-defense.
She explained: ‘One thing that tragedy made me realize is that we won’t be around forever. That’s just not the case.’
“It’s easy to say, ‘Oh, it’s just a movie,’ but then comes another movie and another one. I think we as women worry that if we don’t work harder and keep pushing that we’re never going to succeed and that’s exhausting,” she added.
“I never feel like I can enjoy the moment. But as you get older the perspective changes and, at almost 50, it becomes easier,” he continued.
Despite her success, Charlize was keen to point out that she doesn’t act like a temperamental movie star. She told The Hollywood Reporter that she doesn’t want to seem like an “enigma” to others. “When I meet someone for professional reasons, even just for a TV appearance, I prefer not to waste time and tear down all the walls so we can just get to work.”

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