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I know that many of those who read this newsletter every week find it exciting to change their mobile, but it is also likely that you will be tremendously lazy to change your mobile. Can you imagine what it’s like to change your smartphone every week?

It is likely that, with the increase in the prices of electricity, gas, fuel or the shopping basket due to the war in Ukraine, you have often heard that life is sky high.

I say that phrase every time they ask me how I manage to change my mobile almost every week. Literally, my life is in the clouds… yes, plural.

As you well know, at we use each mobile we analyze as a personal mobile between 7 and 15 days. Only in this way, using them 24/7 just as you would, are the strengths and weaknesses of each smartphone discovered.

We already told you about the experience of changing from a Premium mobile to an entry-level mobile, but having to use it as a personal mobile adds the complication of having to migrate the data and personal apps that I use on a daily basis. Bank app, social networks, messaging chats, contacts and personal photos.

In that context, uploading my life to the clouds is one of the best decisions I made long time. Having done it allows me to show off to whoever asks me How do I change my mobile? leaving it operational in just over half an hour (in my head I drop a microphone with bravado at the end of the sentence, as in the meme, BOOM!).

My personal secret to quickly change mobile It is based on two elements: a password manager and a public cloud.

Given the Most of the mobiles we analyze are based on Android systems.the synchronization of Google services is essential, so before taking the leap, it is convenient to check, from the section Settings of the mobile, that all the contacts, emails and data in general have been synchronized.

New Google Photos

Now that Google Photos has decided to remove its free unlimited backup, what alternatives are there?

This allows retrieve data when your google account is linked in the new terminal and most of the work is already done and with little effort. Yes indeed, you are left with no excuse not to call that annoying friend saying that, with the change of mobile, you have lost his number.

Google Play also keeps track of the apps on your accountso the apps are also downloaded to the new terminal, either directly during the first start-up of the new phone from the old device, or from the app itself which, like a spiteful brother-in-law, remembers all your past.

This is where the password manager comes into play, one of the first apps I run on a new smartphone since it serves as a master key to log in to the rest of the apps that I use on a day-to-day basis without this entailing a drama of forgotten passwords or a maze of recovery processes.

For drama, the photos! No, it’s not because I’m a bad photographer, but it’s just that, on average, in each analysis we take between 300 and 400 photos to test the performance of the cameras. If the mobile is especially photographic, such as the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra or the Google Pixel 6 Pro, the number shoots up beyond 500 photos.

As you can imagine, I prefer not to flood my personal scrapbooks with series of photos of the same buildings and places in my town.

Don’t get me wrong, I love where I live, but It would be quite difficult for me to argue before a psychiatrist that all those identical photos do not respond to any obsessive disorder, which only analyze mobiles. Although in both cases he would need a similar psychiatric treatment.

Those photos are synchronized with a space of Unlimited Drive for Business account storagewhile my personal photos, less numerous, are hand-picked and stored on Google Photos or my personal NAS.

What if I analyze Huawei phones? Since President Trump took a dislike to the Chinese brand, my life in the cloud has had to adapt to the ban Huawei from using Google Mobile Services.

The Chinese brand lately does not present so many mobiles and is more dedicated to laptops, computers and other devices for teleworking. But it maintains its P range and we recently reviewed its flagship P50 Pro.

When it’s time to analyze a Huawei device, I take a backup created in Huawei’s own cloud, which offers up to 15 GB of free space. This is more than enough to save my profile and data, which is then restored to the respective Huawei phones or tablets under review.

Something similar happens with Apple devices, where iCloud cloud covers me dropping its rain of data when I have to analyze one of the new iPad or iPhone.

And so, jumping from cloud to cloud like Goku on its kinton cloud, I have managed to host my entire digital life in one or another cloud, making the change of device much faster and you can complete the migration in less time and without data loss.

I hope that my experience will help you so that, the next time you change your mobile, you not only remember to find out if that smartphone you’ve had your eye on is worth it, but also remember the tips from this digital globetrotter to make switching phones much faster and easier.

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